Xiaomi HyperCharge fast charging technology will ve unveiled tomorrow

Xiaomi HyperCharge

Xiaomi is one of the companies with leading fast-charging speeds. The company is constantly pushing and developing new technologies. Its recent flagships Mi 11 Ultra and Pro pushed the bar for flagships with 67W fast-charging and also speedier wireless charging speeds. So far, Xiaomi is one of the few manufactures with a device that supports 120W fast wired charging, the Mi 10 Ultra. Moreover, it’s one of the companies that has faster-charging speeds among mid-range smartphones. Now, the company is preparing the terrain for the new Xiaomi HyperCharge technologies that will push the bar for charging speeds even further.

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The giant of China has shared a post across its social media channels. The post states it will set a new record tomorrow. The Xiaomi HyperCharge fast charging technology will be another ground-breaking solution from Xiaomi. As usual, we are very curious to see what the company behind important innovations has in tow. For now, it’s unclear if the new technology is wired or wireless, but we assume it is the former. After all, it would be more exciting to see a wired charging speed that goes beyond the 120W standard established by the company and that other companies are pursuing.

Xiaomi may unveil its 200W fast-charging technology

Earlier this year, reports emerged that Xiaomi has a smartphone in development with support for 200W fast-charging. This technology would appear in a smartphone revealed during the second half of this year. Since the company already has a Mi 11 Ultra, it may be a brand new unseen smartphone. Since we’re talking about the Mi 11 Ultra, it already comes with 67W wired charging, 67W wireless charging, and 10W reverse wireless charging which sums up to 144W. The new technology probably will reach the 200W mark or even go beyond it.

Of course, with this ground-breaking technology, we’re sure that the implementation will need certain compensations in order to keep the battery safe. Anyway, a fast charging going beyond 150W would be really impressive. We’re coming close to the days of smartphones that charge in just a couple of minutes.

Back in the last year, Xiaomi revealed an 80W wireless fast-charging technology. However, it is yet to appear on any smartphone. The company already sells this 80W wireless charger, but we haven’t seen any smartphone reaching this amount. Perhaps, the future Xiaomi flagship will come with Xiaomi HyperCharge technology and with 120W wired charging and 80W wireless charging. The sum would reach the 200W mark.


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