What is the best screen recorder for Windows 10?

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If you’re looking for the perfect screen recorder for Windows 10, you must compare the top screen recorders on various factors, including features, user-friendliness, popularity, and system requirements. 

To make this process much simpler for you, we’ve listed some of the top Windows screen recorders in this article. That’s not all! We will also compare these top software and tools to help you conclude which screen recorder is the best choice for you.

1. HitPaw Screen Recorder

best screen recorder for windows 10 – hitpaw screen recorder

First on the list is the HitPaw Screen Recorder. This software easily qualifies as one of the best Windows 10 screen recorders thanks to the variety of features that it entertains users with. Furthermore, the software provides a user-friendly interface that is extremely easy to understand and work with. You won’t find a reason to complete when using the HitPaw Screen Recorder. 

To record a video using the HitPaw Screen Recorder, follow these instructions. First of all, download and install the software on your computer. Launch the software and select the recording mode from the home page. For screen recording, tap to select the entire screen or drag to select the portion of the screen that you want to record. Hit the record button to begin recording. Press the same button to pause the recording. End the recording by tapping on the “Stop” button. 

The HitPaw Screen Recorder is an incredibly reputable and exciting software mainly because of its easy-to-use features. Here are some of the top features that HitPaw Screen Recorder offers.

  1. It offers three separate recording modes namely screen recording, webcam recording, and Picture in Picture. The Picture in Picture feature allows you to record your screen and webcam simultaneously.
  2. It allows you to capture the creators’ mouse and keyboard actions. This helps viewers understand which part of the screen is being discussed. 
  3. HitPaw Screen Recorder offers Segment Saving which allows users to automatically save the video after set time intervals. 
  4. It allows hardware acceleration which enhances the working speed of the HitPaw Screen Recorder software.

2. Screencast-O-Matic

top windows screen recorder – screencast-o-matic

Screencast-O-Matic is another great screen recorder for Windows 10 as well as a video editor. Similar to the HitPaw Screen Recorder, Screencast-O-Matic supports both screen recordings as well as webcam recordings. Furthermore, the software is easy to use for both professionals as well as beginners. 

To record videos using Screencast-O-Matic, download and install the software on your computer. Launch the software and select “Screen”, “Webcam”, or “Both” depending on the recording mode that you require. For screen recording, you can adjust the recording area by dragging the boundaries of the recorder. To start the recording, hit the “Rec” button. Once finished, tap on the pause button and select “Done” to save the video. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the main features that this software offers. 

  1. Although it doesn’t allow you to record in HD, it offers various standard-definition options, including 800×600, 640×480, and more! 
  2. After recording, it allows you to zoom, draw, and add overlays to your videos.
  3. It allows you to upload your recorded video directly on video sharing sites, like YouTube, without having to download the video.

3. Bandicam

est free screen recording software for windows - bandicam

Bandicam is also one of the best screen recorders for Windows 10 that supports both screen and gameplay capturing. Bandicam is popularly used for gameplay recordings because of its numerous features that support high-definition recordings.

After downloading the software, start Bandicam and select the recording mode that fits your requirements most suitably. Tap on the “REC” button to begin recording. You can use tools from the toolbar to pause the recording or take screenshots at any moment. Once done, hit the “REC” button to stop the recording. 

Here are some features that make Bandicam stand out from other popular Windows screen recorders. 

  1. Bandicam helps you record videos in 4K ultra-high-definition at a whopping 120 frames per second.
  2. It supports a number of different formats, such as JPEG, PNG, BMP, and many more!
  3. It utilizes a high compression ratio without compressing the video ensuring no loss in video quality.

4. OBS Studio

free download scree recording software for windows – obs studio

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When searching for the perfect screen recorder software Windows 10, you just can’t ignore OBS Studio. Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a free screen recorder that allows you to record as well as stream in high definition. OBS allows you to record your screen, webcam, or both in the same video.

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OBS is easy-to-use software with a number of interesting features. To record videos using the OBS Studio, follow these instructions. First and foremost, download and install the OBS Studio on your computer. Before you start recording, you need to add a source for recording. Tap on the “+” button and select the desired source. Hit “Start Recording” to begin recording the video. Once you’re done recording, hit “Stop Recording”.

Now let’s take the look at some features that OBS Studio is popularly known for.

  1. It offers customizable hotkeys that help you control the recording with ease.
  2. It allows you to stream your videos on video-sharing platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch.
  3. Support ultra-high-definition recording and streaming.
  4. The software is free to use on all Operating Systems, such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

5. Movavi Screen Recorder

best free screen recorder software for windows 10 – movavi screen recorder

Last in the list of the 5 best screen recorders windows 10 is Movavi Screen Recorder. Movavi Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use screen recorder available for both Windows and Mac. The software allows you to capture your screen in high definition at 60 frames per second. 

To record a video using the Movavi Screen Recorder, follow these instructions. Download the program from the official Movavi site and install it on your computer. After installation, launch the software and tap on the video camera icon on the panel. Now, you need to select the area of the screen that you want to record. You can use the options in the lower panel to select if you want to record audio or not. Hit the record button to begin recording the video. Tap on the stop button to end your recording. 

Here are some of the main features of Movavi Screen Recorder.

  1. You can export your videos in a variety of different formats, such as MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, PNG, BMP, or JPG. 
  2. The program supports Intel Hardware Acceleration allowing the software to run faster and smoother. 
  3. The video is recorded in MKV format, so the output video will have the best possible quality.


Now that you’re fully aware of the top screen recorder tools available for Windows 10, it should be much easier for you to decide which one is the ideal screen recorder for you. To help you make this decision, we have fairly compared the screen recorders mentioned above. Comparison has been made based on their overall features, system requirements, prices, and user-friendliness. So without further ado, let’s begin the comparison.

HitPaw Screen Recorder



OBS Studio

Movavi Screen Recorder

Available for Windows10 and Windows 7 with the Mac version coming soon. Available for Windows, Mac, Chromecast, and iOS devices. Available for all Windows devices. Available for all Linux, Windows, and Mac devices. Available for all Windows and Mac devices.
1 Month Plan for $14.99, 1 Year Plan for $29.99, and Lifetime Plan for $49.99. And with the coupon code: YT-30OFF, you can get 30% off Can be bought at a price of $1.65 per month. Available at a price of $39.95 for a lifetime. It is available for absolutely free. Can be bought at $39.95 for a lifetime.
Hardware Acceleration is available. Hardware Acceleration is not available Hardware Acceleration is available. Hardware Acceleration is available. Hardware Acceleration is available.
Allows you to cut videos after recording. Offers video editing features, such as cutting, cropping, etc. Offers basic video editing features, such as cut, merge, etc. Does not offer video editing features. Does not offer video editing features.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have concluded with the best screen recorder Windows 10 for yourself. Based on popular opinion, the HitPaw Screen Recorder is clearly one of the simplest and most useful screen recorder software thanks to the variety of features that it offers. The user-friendliness that the HitPaw screen recorder provides is unmatchable by any other screen recorder software. Try and out and you will not be disappointed!

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