Microsoft Win11 will support third-party widgets

Windows 11

Microsoft will announce the “Next Generation Windows” on June 24, and now we know it is the Microsoft Win11. The preview version of Microsoft Win11 has been leaked and one of the new features is WidgetsIn the Win11 preview version, when the user clicks the widget button in the taskbar, a window will pop up from the left side of the screen. This window can display information such as weather, stocks, news, etc., which is similar to the current “Information and Interests” on Win10.

Microsoft Win11

The interesting part of this feature is that Microsoft Win11 widgets will be open to third-party support. This means that users can customize the content and arrangement of widgets. The functionality will now be similar to the display of smartphones. Of course, this will greatly improve the practicality of the widgets.

Microsoft Win11

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In addition, another leakster, Rafael Rivera, also confirmed this news. However, there are reports that widgets customization will not be available at launch. Nevertheless, in the future, it will become open to third-party customization.

Microsoft Win11 paper clip tool

Microsoft’s official Twitter account yesterday posted a piece of content with two classic clip tools from the Windows XP era and asked netizens if they can see the difference. There were questions if Microsoft intends to bring it back to Windows 11. The official confirmed that there will be such a feature but did not say more. 


Paper clips are also the default image of Office Assistant. This “big eye clip” has since become one of the most classic memories of the generation of Windows users at that time. In 1997, the “paperclip” assistant appeared with Office 97. Until Office XP started, Microsoft began to change the design of Windows and Office so that users could turn it off more easily;

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Later, Microsoft expunged this feature by default in the Office 2003 version. To get it, users must manually select it during the installation options. However, by 2007, the 10-year old paper clip feature is now out of Windows.


It is worth mentioning that Office Assistant is launched by default in some versions of Microsoft Office, which annoys many users. It pops up whenever it feels the user needs its advice, and its advice is often unnecessary or useless. In addition, the clip.exe file is standard in Windows 98 through Windows Vista versions of Windows, and users can run command prompt from it.

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