Mi MIX Roll? Patent reveals smartphone with rollable display

The market of foldable smartphones is starting to get some heat this year. Samsung has pretty much dominated the segment in the past years, but the situation can change now that more companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Honor, and even Google are preparing contenders for this niche of products. While we may see the foldable technologies maturing in the next few years, there are companies that are also exploring the territory of rollable smartphones. These devices are really interesting and sound like the “next big thing” after rollable smartphones. Oppo showcased its Oppo X 2021 Rollable smartphone in November last year. LG was preparing a rollable smartphone, but not its mobile division is gone. Apparently, Xiaomi is also playing with some ideas as a new patent reveals a very promising device. Could it come as Mi MIX Roll?

Oppo probably stands as one of the companies that are most close in releasing a rollable smartphone. Although one of the company’s executives stated last year that its rollable smartphone is a couple of years away, the company is the only one that already showcased a product. Samsung is also working on this rollable idea, but we won’t see a new rollable smartphone coming this year from the Korean giant. Xiaomi launched its first foldable smartphone this year and seems to e also working on ideas in the rollable niche.

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Xiaomi’s possible Mi MIX Roll can extend its display in both sides

Xiaomi is considering a rollable smartphone that can extend from both edges. As a result, the camera module will result in the middle of the horizontal axis of the smartphone. However, the panel will not retract inside. Instead, it will occupy the rear panel as the display seems to be extended to the lack panel. That’s an approach similar to the Mi MIX Alpha.

The smartphone makes use of two motors that will help in expanding and retracting the screen. Readers must note that this is just a patent from Xiaomi. It does not mean that company will surely launch such a product in the future. Some of these patents never materialize in an actual product anyway. Still, it makes quite some sense to see Xiaomi playing with concepts for a potential Mi MIX Roll. After all, the rollable segment seems to e the next territory that smartphone makers will explore now that foldable is becoming mainstream. We can only wait and see how the situation of rollable smartphones will evolve this year.

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