MIUI development version (503rd week) fixes 13 major issues

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Today, Xiaomi’s product director and MIUI experience general manager @MIUI小凡 posted that the 503rd-week update notice of the MIUI development version has been released. Users of the development version can upgrade this Friday. According to Xiaomi, the upgrade fixes thirteen issues this week. Some of the fixes include small window issues, software issues, screen issues, Wi-Fi issues, etc.

MIUI development version (503rd week)

In the MIUI 12.5 development version internal test 21.6.30 released on July 1, the boot animation of some Xiaomi mobile phone models changed from the original MIUI light cone special effects interface to the new Xiaomi LOGO. The models include the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Youth Edition, Mi MIX FOLD, and so on. Xiaomi also claims that the design concept of Xiaomi’s new LOGO is “Alive”. This logo is designed by Kenya Hara, a famous international designer in Japan.

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MIUI development version (503rd week) complete fixes

  • It Fixes the but that allows the smartphone to restart when users open the small window in the horizontal screen state.
  • This update also tackles the problem of unusual character which pops up after entering “%” in Notes.
  • Also fixes the but that hiders the phone interface from popping up when there is an incoming call. 
  • There is usually an occasional display of abnormal time, especially in the alarm clock and reminders. This issue also appears for other notifications. The MIUI development version (503rd week) update fixes this problem.
  • This update optimizes the display release time of alarm clock reminders.
  • Also optimizes the logic of the notification filter function to display icons.
  • There is also an abnormal display of unimportant notification application icons. This update takes care of this issue
  • When users drop down the display in the horizontal screen state, after the notification bar, a small white dot (setting icon) appears in the upper right corner. This is not normal and this update fixes this abnormality.
  • This update also handles a bug that allows the notification size to be inconsistent.
  • The long-press notification occasionally appears to be overlapping on other features. The MIUI development version (503rd week) also takes care of this issue
  • For the Xiaomi Mi 11, this update normalizes the brightness adjustment speed. The brightness adjustment speed is just too fast which makes it difficult for users to get the appropriate brightness that they need.
  • Optimizes the animation of the control center WiFi secondary page. This makes the page smoother and easier to use.
  • In many cases, the pull-down and slide-up functions in the control center do not work smoothly. The MIUI development version (503rd week) fixes this problem.

MIUI development version (503rd week)

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