OnePlus India promotes S-Pen on Twitter as its “weapon of choice”


It’s not uncommon to see companies indirectly promoting other devices in the web. One common situation is when a brand promotes its Android smartphone through an iPhone. OnePlus, Samsung and Huawei are among the companies that already promoted their devices using the “Twitter for iPhone” app. Today, OnePlus found itself in a situation that goes beyond everything we have seen so far. The company did some service to Samsung by promoting the S-Pen via its OnePlus India Twitter handle. The account states that the S Pen that comes with the last year’s Galaxy Noe 20 Ultra is a “weapon of choice” for smartphone users.

OnePlus India has the S-Pen as its weapon of choice

Apparently, someone at the company has wrongly posted it as the post was taken down minutes after it went live. Honestly, it looks too crazy for something that happens accidentally. My conspiracy senses suggest that this could even be the work of some employee that isn’t happy with the company’s change of direction. According to recent reports, the company is merging with Oppo and can even become a sub-brand in the future. Although the post isn’t available anymore, we have some screenshots from tipster Abhishek Yadav.

Leaving conspiracy theories behind, this may have been just a mere accident. The agency handling OnePlus India’s social media accounts probably either manage Samsung India’s account. Or was involved in the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s promotional campaign. This may be just an innocent mistake from the social media agency. However, it gave Twitter users a good reason to joke and laugh. We have to say that it is really hilarious to see a company promoting another one. We’re pretty sure that Samsung executives are laughing a lot now.

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OnePlus is well known for its controversial marketing

This isn’t the first time that OnePlus goof-ups in the web. Soon after the OnePlus 9 series launch, the company posted a tweet from an iPhone. Netizens did not leave a chance to troll the company. Especially when it mocked the iPhone several times during the launch event to showcase the 9 series have superior flagships. Even though, those handling OnePlus Media still prefer using an Apple device.

Interestingly, this is happening amidst a huge controversy. OnePlus is seeing itself involved in controversy around throttling the performance of several Android apps on the OnePlus 9 series. The company said it did so after taking feedback from users to improve battery life and resolve heating issues on its flagship devices. We have to wait and see how this situation will evolve.


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