Water Resistance Tester app will test your smartphone’s water resistance without using water

Most of the flagship smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy 21 are capable of “by default” being able to work under water at a depth of 1.5 meters and comply with the IP68 standard of protection against water, dust and sand. However, before the release of the new app, it was not easy to test the real security of a device without real diving.

The Water Resistance Tester Android app allows you to use the smartphone’s built-in barometer (if available) to test the device for water resistance. No water is needed to assess the water resistance – the sensor simply detects the pressure level inside the device, and the application analyzes its changes.

The application is very easy to use. It is enough to put it on any surface and press with one or two fingers on the display. After the test, the application will inform you if the tightness of the smartphone is active.

It is worth noting that the use of the software does not make sense if the user’s smartphone does not meet water resistance standards or is not equipped with a barometer. Also, in any case, it is worth avoiding intentional or accidental actual immersion of the device under water. Even if the model has protection, it is possible that in the old gadget the insulating materials do not protect as well as we would like.

Water Resistance Tester is available in Google Play for free – with the condition of displaying ads. Those who do not want to view the ads can remove them for 99 cents.

Water Resistance Tester app will test your smartphone’s water resistance without using water

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This app will help you test whether the IP67/IP68 water resistance seals on your phone are still intact by using the barometer built in to your phone. Do note that the seals can become compromised with drops and device aging – keep your phone away from all liquids!
Here are some comments of testers of the app:
This is a great app, I would never have thought to use the internal pressure sensor for this. For reference, the way the app works is it measures the internal pressure; then asks to to push on your phone, if your phone is still sealed the pressure will increase.
I have no idea how it works but it does lol, at least in the 4 test cases i tried. Xperia 5 II (IP68, intact) – waterproof(not waterproof if you remove sim tray); Xperia XZ (IP68, corner busted open, screen replaced) – not waterproof; Galaxy S4 Mini (no IP rating) – not waterproof; Awesome app if it…
For the uneducated, the app works by measuring internal pressure in hectopascals; so if your device fails it “could” mean your waterproofing has failed, but it certainly doesn’t deserve a 1 star for your ignorance. Pass or Fail, don’t go throwing your phone in water. Geesh! Passed on a Note 20 Ultra…
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