Xiaomi releases a patent for wireless charging of foldable smartphones

With the rapid development of technology, various new functions on smartphones have also increased. We can talk of super-fast charging, super high refresh rate, and wireless charging, and so on. All these features make it more convenient to use smartphones. Today, Xiaomi’s new patent on wireless charging aroused the attention of netizens. A new patent from Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. has the title “Wireless Charging Method and Device, Folding Screen Electronic Equipment, Storage Media”. The patent number is CN113098152A, and the application date is January 8, 2020.

Xiaomi patent

The patent abstract shows that it is for wireless charging technology. The description reads “the first receiving module and/or the second receiving module are selected based on the charging type to charge the battery of the foldable electronic device”.

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“By arranging the first receiving module and the second receiving module on the foldable electronic device, when one side of the foldable electronic device is close to the wireless charging device, at least one receiving module can be selected to wirelessly charge the battery of the electronic device. This will improve the charging efficiency and shorten the charging time”.

At the same time, there is no need for the user to select a side for charging. Of course, this will make it more convenient and will improve the user experience.

Xiaomi has been developing wireless charging technology for years

According to Xiaomi, its wireless fast charging architecture has gone through 4 generations of technology in 3 years. It starts from the Buck wireless charging architecture (charging power 5W-15W) of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S to the Buck+2 of Xiaomi Mi 9. It also has the 1 Charge pump wireless charging architecture (charging power 20W), and then the 4:1 charge pump wireless charging architecture (charging power 30W-50W). The last technology is what we have in the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro, Mi 10, and Mi 11. Xiaomi’s wireless charging technology has been leading the industry.

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In fact, the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra comes with a new internal 6:1 charge pump second charging architecture. This technology uses 6 times boost + low current to provide a unique way for the realization of high-power wireless charging. According to Xiaomi, this is an efficient way of wirelessly charging a device.

As of now, Xiaomi’s highest wireless charging capacity is 67W. However, the company is already working to improve this capacity to 100W or even 120W. However, there is a plan in China that may stop this from happening. The Chinese government does not want the wireless charging capacity not to exceed 50W. If the government passes the law, Xiaomi will not be able to develop wireless charging technology, at least in China.

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