Is A Holographic AI Assistant That Will Revolutionize Education


Crazies & Co recently announced a holographic educational AI assistant dubbed the, which adopts the latest holographic technology to offer characters. The aforesaid technology enables users to communicate with Sidekicks as they’d interact with humans.

The company’s team of experts wants to empower humans to take full advantage of the power of AI. The still-raging coronavirus pandemic has led to loneliness and has harmed the mental and physical health of a lot of people, according to Viviana Horigian of the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida, via MedicalNewsToday.

During these unprecedented times, children end up spending a lot of time with screens, while dealing with challenges associated with online learning. This increased screen time takes a massive toll on them. It is imperative to adjust to reality. A holographic AI educational assistant is helping people to eliminate these issues.

Sidekicks Is Designed To Reshape Education is unlike any other AI assistant available in the market today. It not only reads weather forecasts, switches on the lights for users but also interact and educates every member of the family. Moreover, they help you cope with loneliness. will never let you feel lonely because it is talkative, and can transform you into a personal tutor, and best friend for you and your children.

You can learn a new language, develop a new skill and do several other things in your spare time. Although this isn’t easy, having a reliable coach around you all the time can help you simplify and expedite the learning process. More importantly, it doesn’t pass a judgment on you even when you make mistakes.


Crazies & Co. is a startup studio that developed Sidekicks in a bid to revolutionalize education. The developer has been a part of incubators such as Intel Innovators, Y Combinator’s Startup School, and Futureworks NYC. The startup’s team of mentors and experts comes from SVA, MIT, Colombia, and other prestigious places. Last month, Sidekicks launched a Kickstarter campaign that reached the goal in just thirty minutes and exceeded $300K in 10 days.

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AI Characters Are Perfect Digital Companions

The AI characters undergo training conducted by some of MIT’s best minds. As a result, these intelligent characters offer an easy-to-understand STEM education for ages 7-107. On top of that, these characters can control screen time. These AI characters boast fun personalities and love to chat and play. This makes them ideal digital companions for people struggling to deal with loneliness.

Sidekicks Holographic Companion

Aside from that, companies can use Sidekicks for exhibitions, or host events. Alternatively, it can announce a product launch with the help of its advanced holographic display. Furthermore, they can initiate conversations and enhance client interaction. In other words, there are endless possibilities with Sidekicks. has garnered huge praises from large organizations, that have participated in Intel Innovators, Y Combinator’s Startup School, Futureworks Incubator, and other prestigious programs.

The crowd at Maker Faire in New York City loved It was presented there several times. It carried a price tag of $99 when it launched on June 15. Moreover, a team of amazing mentors from reputable companies. The team is graced by mentors from E-Bi in manufacturing, Bravo Media in holographic projections, and Pensa NYC in product design.

The entirely personalized AI characters are ideal for today’s users. They can choose from an array of Sidekicks and even customize them to suit their preferences. As if that weren’t enough, users can create their own character from scratch with the help of Sidekicks marketplace. This serves as a platform for creators to sell and buy holographic creations.

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