Blackview launches light & thin 14″ laptop for just $389.99


Recently, Blackview created a stir with the official launch of their first office laptop called Blackview Acebook1. Since their founding in 2013, Blackview has been deep rooted in the rugged phone sector and gradually enlarged their product portfolios further with mainstream smartphones, tablets and earphones. And in 2021 Blackview is now foraying into the laptop market too. And they want to offer uncompromising quality and user experience alongside good design and performance.

Combining rugged high-strength aluminum alloy unibody, premium dual BOX speakers,  6000 mAh battery ( withover 12hrs of work time) and large 14″ FHD+ display the specs are looking good. And with only 16.3mm thickness and 1.3kg of weight Blackview Acebook1 will be the one of the best thin and light office laptops for work and study purposes.  While being available at an astonishingly low price of just $389.99 ($110 off).

High Strength Aluminum Alloy Unibody, Durable & Stylish

With the minimalist exterior, Blackview Acebook1 features a strong aluminum alloy metallic chassis to ensure  the sturdiness and years of reliable usage. 

Magnesium alloy or plastic material is currently used for most of the laptop designs. But Acebook1 rather adopts the comparatively more expensive aluminum alloy material. Featuring higher metal strength and impact resistance for the whole body. Crafted with the premium sandblast finishing, the laptop performs better in the antioxidation and resistance to abrasion, scratches or fingerprint smudges. It i also boasting the unibody design, which is more durable and helps survive impacts that other non-unibody laptops would not.

Furthermore, rigid quality tests have been executed on every process to provide a long-lasting durable laptop .

16.3mm Slim, Long-lasting 6000mAh Battery, 1.3kg Light

Even with a strong and tough metallic build, Blackview Acebook1 is not sacrificing portability either. It’s ultra lightweight and portable with  the thickness of just 16.3mm and the weight of 1.3kg. That means it’s 35% lighter than average laptop of the same size. Making it the perfect at-home and on-the-go companion. You can easily tuck it into your school bag, laptop backpack or a luggage.  So you can go to a coffee shop, college or office for work, study or for a business trip without adding excessive weight.

Inside the compact body is the 6000 mAh (45.6Wh) large-capacity battery.  And it promises up to 12 hours of video playback endurance, 13 hours of regular work and 21 hours of screen-on standby on a single charge. Acebook1 will get you through the day even if you are a laptop heavy user. Never let your enjoyment be interrupted by sudden shutdown because of low battery.

Dual BOX Speakers, Pure & Punchy Sound in Video Conference and Party

Most laptop speakers tend to be weak as far as volume and overall output are concerned. But Acebook1 tells a different story. Equipped with two great surround sound BOX speakers on both sides, it’s capable of delivering the symmetric, loud and crisp sound, that just impresses. That can be quite helpful when in video meetings/presentations or online classes. 

The dual stereo speakers also can make a real difference in your  media consumption experience. Whether you are listening to music, streaming movies, gaming or even partying, it delivers a feast for your ears. Together with the narrow-bezel 14″ FHD+ LCD display offering a wider field of viewi with stunning clarity, the audio and visual immersion is boosted higher than ever.

6.1” Larger Intuitive Touchpad, Easier Multi-finger Control

Besides the solid construction and BOX speakers, there is another feature that distinguishes Blackview Acebook1 from other budget laptops. It’s the 6.1” ultra-large sensitive touchpad, 20% larger than average. The 6.1”  touch space allows you to enjoy a more intuitive experience with up to 4-finger gesture controls. It cn accurately sense the movement and press of the fingers to quickly give the right response. 

Compared with the mouse controls, the large trackpad can be more convenient. You can click, scroll, zoom in and out, switch between tabs or move through pages faster and smoother with it. Making it a great alternative for the common mouse. 

Intel® Gemini lake N4120 & Windows 10 (S Mode), Responsive and Powerful Multitasker

Blackview Acebook1 is also not inferior with the hardware and software either. It uses the advanced Intel® Gemini lake N4120 processor and Intel® UHD Graphics 600 with Windows 10 in S mode. 

The N4120 processor has 4 cores and 4 threads with up to 2.60 GHz burst frequency. Compared with its predecessor N4100, the CPU performance of the Intel® Gemini lake N4120 is better thanks to the 200 MHz higher boost clock speed. Combined with the Intel® UHD Graphics 600, it makes video editing, image processing, and gaming quicker and more reliable. 

With up to 4GB DDR4 ROM (can be expanded to 8GB), Acebook1 is built to make multitasking easier and improve your productivity. You can keep multiple apps open simultaneously, while running them quickly and smoothly. And 128GB SSD RAM and 256GB expandable storage provides plenty of space to store your pictures, videos, music and more.

Onwards to the software part. Acebook1 runs Windows 10 in S mode, that is designed for security and performance. While providing a familiar Windows experience, it increases security by exclusively running apps from just the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 S is a simplified and lightweight OS with limited apps and fewer background services. So it enables 80% faster boot time and 15% less power consumption for longer battery life.


More Features

  • 8 Multifunctional Ports: 1 DC-IN, 2 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0, 1 Type-C, 1 HDMI, 1 TF CARD and 1 Audio port are included for charging, video output, data transmission and more.
  • Easy Connection: Support connection with 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2.


Price and Availability

Packing great functions to satisfy allwork, study and light entertainment needs, Blackview Acebook1 is only priced at $389.99 (original price $499.99) from July 12nd to July 24th PT.

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