5G users in China will exceed half a billion in 2023

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The Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other ten departments recently issued a notice on the “5G Application “Sailing” Action Plan (2021-2023)”. The purpose of this notice is to introduce and implement policies and measures to support the development of 5G applications. According to the overall goal of the “Notice”, by 2023, China’s 5G application development level will improve significantly. This will eventually increase the number of 5G users in the region. It will also create a new ecosystem of in-depth integration of IT (information technology), CT (communication technology), and OT (operation technology). Furthermore, China envisages significant breakthroughs in the depth and breadth of 5G applications in key areas.

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In addition, TENAA claims that there is a good improvement in the key indicators of 5G applications in China. It also claims that the penetration rate of 5G individual users exceeds 40%, and the number of users exceeds 560 million. 5G network access traffic accounts for more than 50%, and 5G network usage efficiency is significantly better. The average annual growth rate of 5G IoT terminal users exceeds 200%.

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The application of 5G in key areas has achieved outstanding results. In the field of personal consumption, there is a number of new businesses, new models, and new formats of “5G+”. In the industrial field, the penetration rate of 5G applications of large industrial enterprises exceeds 35%. 5G applications in power, mining, and other fields have been replicated and promoted on a large scale.

China has great plans for 5G application

For social and people’s livelihood, a batch of 5G+ smart education, 5G+ smart medical, 5G+ cultural tourism model projects will be created, and the level of 5G+ smart city construction will be further improved. Each key industry creates more than 100 5G application benchmarks. Obviously, China has great plans for 5G application.

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According to TENAA, the 5G application ecological environment continues to improve. The mechanism of cross-department, cross-industry, and cross-field collaboration has been initially established. This forms a 5G application financing innovation model guided by government departments. However, it is led by enterprises, and coordinated by small/medium-size enterprises.

The level of 5G network coverage continues to improve, with more than 18 5G base stations per 10,000 people. Also, the country has more than 3,000 5G virtual private networks. It will also build a batch of 5G application innovation centers. This will further enhance the capacity of public service platforms for application innovation. The report also shows that China’s 5G application security capabilities areimproving. It now has 10-20 5G application security innovation demonstration centers. It also has 3-5 regional demonstration benchmarks and a security assurance system.

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