ZTE “memory fusion technology” will increase 12GB of RAM to 20GB

ZTE Axon 30

Over the past few years, there has been significant improvement in the smartphone industry. Whether it is the display, battery, design, camera, and other aspects, there has been an improvement. As development continues, there is a need for more RAM and storage capacity. Today, we easily have smartphones with 512GB storage capacity while some even have up to 1TB. However, for the RAM, we barely have above 12GB which surprisingly is “not enough” for some users. To curb this situation, we now have the “memory fusion technology” which increases the RAM capacity. Chinese manufacturer, ZTE, already has its solution for this technology.

memory fusion technology

The “memory fusion technology” works by using some of the idle ROM capacity for RAM operations. This will make the smartphone and application operation more fluent. According to ZTE’s Lu Qianhao, some companies are now working hard to promote the “memory fusion technology”. According to him, this technology is not new and has been available for a few years. However, the user perception is not very strong.

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Why memory fusion technology is not popular

According to Mr. Lu, there are the reasons for the low recognition of the memory fusion technology

  • One is that the ROM of some mobile phones that currently use this technology is not UFS3.x. It is the UFS3.x that can read and write at a speed. Some even use emmc. This is like an old man playing with Ferrari. Naturally, there is no good experience.
  • The second is a simple and brutal use of part of the ROM to do virtual RAM. However, there is no background threads scheduling algorithm adaptation, etc. Naturally, this can not improve the efficiency of system operation.
  • The third is that the internal memory of many smartphones is not even large enough. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether memory fusion technology is available or not. It will be difficult for users to feel the impact of the technology.

ZTE’s upcoming Axon 30 on-screen camera version not only supports memory fusion technology, it will also be the world’s first memory fusion technology Pro. According to Lu Qianhao, ZTE is about to introduce the new memory fusion technology Pro. This technology combines UFS3.1 ROM with fast reading and writing speed. It will also use a brand-new Lingxi engine and DY TM. As for the impact, it will add 8GB to the RAM capacity. This means that it can increase a 12GB RAM smartphone to 20GB.

If this technology works perfectly, it may not be necessary to stack RAM into smartphones anymore. However, we are yet to get any information on the free storage capacity that users need to get an additional 1GB of RAM.

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