YouTube is the world most popular app with over 10 billion downloads on Android

Many people like to watch YouTube videos or have to do it for work. According to statistics, the corresponding application, available in the Google Android operating system has got more than 10 billion downloads over the entire time.

This means that the number of downloads exceeds the number of living inhabitants of the Earth. According to some reports, now it is about 7.9 billion people. One would think that YouTube is used by someone other than humans. It’s actually pretty simple to explain these statistics. Ten billion downloads does not mean that the world has the same number of users. Someone buys new smartphones and throws out obsolete ones, someone simply died, leaving their mark in statistics, and many own a personal, work smartphone, tablet and a couple of other Android devices at the same time.

We know that just over 3 billion active Android devices are in use worlwide, with YouTube available by default on most models sold outside of China.

It is noteworthy that YouTube is in second place in terms of the number of installations. The leader of the rating is not an application in the usual sense of the word. We are talking about the Google Play Services running in the background. Nevertheless, YouTube is rightfully the most popular application with which the user interacts.


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YouTube introduces automatic translation function

YouTube is testing a tool that automatically translates information into the user’s native language. A number of users noticed that titles, descriptions and subtitles of videos in English began to be generated in Portuguese and Turkish. Moreover, such manipulations occur both in the mobile version of the platform and on the desktop.

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At the moment it is not clear how widely the audience of the test. It is only clear that the changes take place at the server level and at the moment the developers participating in the test can evaluate the capabilities of the new option.

Artificial intelligence is almost certainly responsible for the translation, which is sufficiently mature and there is room for improvement. Google Translate is currently the most popular translator on the Internet and supports 108 languages. And since YouTube is truly a worldwide service with localized versions in over 100 countries; it is the ideal place for tools that uses AI-powered text and speech.

Automatic translation is not new to YouTube, and everyone has come across this behavior of video hosting before. It’s another matter how correct the translation is and whether the developers will offer the ability to disable this option; because a number of users would like to see the titles of the videos in the original; and understand the origianl language of the content.

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