Windows 11 upgrade requirements – see the restrictions

Windows 11

The beta version of Windows 11 is already available and the official preview of the official version will arrive in October 2021. However, compared to the beta version, the official version will have a series of hardware limitations such as TPM 2.0. Microsoft now explains to users the reasons and considerations for their design. Microsoft explains

“We know this is worth complaining. Many people are not eligible to upgrade to Windows 11. But please remember that the biggest reason we do this is to ensure that the equipment is more efficient and safe in the future so that they can improve their workforce…”

Windows 11

Microsoft can use telemetry data to determine the compatibility of your computer and other devices. Also, Windows Update can tell you about whether your computer can install Windows 11.

Microsoft executives said: “We don’t want all administrators or users to be entangled in this matter (Win11 compatibility)”…”What we actually do is to add some mandatory requirements so that you don’t even have to think about it. You can let your device automatically make a decision before upgrading (Windows 11), so you don’t waste time downloading”.

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According to Microsoft, Windows 11 compatibility errors are likely to appear directly in Windows Update. It would also appear directly in Windows Update management tools. Furthermore, Microsoft claims that Windows 11 will not be like Windows 10. Users will no longer be able to modify the group policy to bypass these restrictions.

Microsoft clarifies

“Group Policy cannot allow you to bypass the mandatory upgrade of Windows 11 hardware requirements. We will try our best to prevent you from upgrading your device to an unsupported state because we really want to ensure support and security for your device,”

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Intel 8th generation processors

According to reports, only Intel’s 8th generation processors, AMD Zen+ and newer CPUs will support Windows 11 upgrades. However, Microsoft also said that it is testing the compatibility of 7th generation processors. There is no ruling out the possibility of this system supporting older processors. In addition, Windows 11 upgrade requires TPM 2.0. Fortunately, we can bypass the TPM 2.0 requirement by modifying the registry, so users now only need to ensure your minimum CPU requirements.

If you have an unofficial version of Windows 11, you should beware of viruses and imminent dangers. Some of these Windows 11 ISO mirrors downloaded from unofficial sources hide danger. Kaspersky reports that these ISO images often contain malware. The file size is 1.75GB, which seems to be credible, but in fact, most of the file consists of a DLL file, which contains a lot of useless information.

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