Is Face ID really Apple’s “ultimate solution”?

Face ID

According to Bloomberg reporter, Mark Gurman, Apple’s ultimate goal is to introduce Face ID to all products. Apple plans to introduce Face ID to Macs in the next “years”. Gurman believes that Apple’s ultimate goal is to introduce the Face ID function to all products, including the iPhone SE and iPad Air and other low-end models that still use the Touch ID function. He also emphasized that at this stage, Touch ID is still an important part of Apple products, especially for low-end models, because it is a “cheaper option” relative to Face-ID.

iPhone 12 Face ID

Face ID on Mac” has been circulating for 4 years

Since the appearance of the iPhone X with FaceID in 2017 , there have been rumors that “Face ID will be on Mac”. This rumor also represents the wish of some Apple fans. After all, compared with a fingerprint sensor, one of the biggest advantages of FaceID is security. According to Apple, the security of the fingerprint sensor is one-fifty thousandths, while the security of FaceID is as high as one-millionth.

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Although the 2018 Mac does not use FaceID, the iPad Pro has this feature. Last year, “9To5Mac” discovered the code “PearlCamera” in the macOS Big Sur beta 3 system. This character is the internal code of Apple’s TrueDepth camera and FaceID. In addition, they also found codes such as “FaceDetect” and “BioCapture”. These characters all confirm that Apple is trying to introduce the FaceID system to Mac devices.

No notch for 2023 iPhones?

According to Gurman, FaceID will still not log in to the Mac this year, but he “bets” it will happen within a few years. He said that the facial recognition sensor provides two core functions for Apple: security and augmented reality. Touch ID can only do the first point, but not the second point.

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He expects that within a few years, all iPhones and iPads will also be equipped with Face ID. Moreover, a camera built into the screen (embed Face ID into the screens) will be used and when this happens, the notch will be gone for good. Apple analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, predicts that the iPhone may adopt a punch-hole screen next year, and will only adopt an off-screen lens the next year. This means that Apple’s notch may disappear completely in 2023.

Will Face ID be the “ultimate solution”?

Face ID does have better security than Touch ID, but will it be the perfect solution for unlocking mobile phones? Changes in posture during shooting, clothing occlusion factors (such as masks), and high requirements for computing power may all cause difficulties in Face ID recognition. Will there be a kind of biological recognition that can simplify user identification? Only time will tell.

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