Discounts on electric scooters BEZIOR from Wiibuying


Electric scooters and bikes are gaining quite a lot of traction recently, because they are quite versatile. You don’t have to necessarily rely on the motor, but the option is always there if needed. And in case of electric scooters you are getting a pretty compact and light vehicle, which is ideal for small distance rides. Most of these vehicles are meant for the urban conditions, but there are some exceptions to the rule. Like the off-road BEZIOR electric scooters we have for you today. And of course also with some nice discount coupons, courtesy of the Wiibuying e-shop.

Let’s start with the more affordable BEZIOR S1 model. It is a sturdy electric scooter with a aluminum alloy build capable to withstand up to 120 kg of live weight. And the powerful 1000W motor with rear drive can deliver up to 45 km/h speed. Big 48V 13Ah battery is also good for about 50 km of total maximum mileage. The scooter is equipped with 10-inch wheels with shock absorbers , dual disk brakes and detacheable saddle in the back, And is of course foldable, so you can easily store it or even transport it. With the discount coupon WII20BZS1 it is now available from the EU warehouse for just $670.99.

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More advanced riders will maybe prefer the more powerful BEZIOR S2. With it you are getting even sturdier build using carbon steel in the mix and bigger 11-inch tyres. And with more powerful 2400W motor the scooter can fly around at max at 65 km/h too. Battery capacity also got a significant bump to 48V 21Ah. Scooter is still foldable with detacheable saddle and all the perks coming with it. But with better specs comes a higher price too. Using the discount coupon WII30BZS2 you can slash it to just $1169.99 though. So which one it’s gonna be ?

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