CHUWI HiPad Pro debuts globally on Aliexpress for $199.99

HiPad Pro

According to the latest news, the new 10.8-inch business tablet Hipad Pro will make its global debut at AliExpress on August 3rd 2021 with an initial price of $199.99. The first 300 buyers will also get magnetic keyboards free of charge. The HiPad Pro will be the cheapest Qualcomm tablet on the market, with great price-to-performance ratio, And it is also the first time, that a Chinese tablet has passed Google Widevine L1 certification for high resolution content on Netflix and such.

10.8-inch tablet with the highest 90% screen ratio in the world

One of the most impressive things about HiPad Pro is definitely its screen. It claims to be the “10.8-inch full screen with the highest screen share of 90% in the world” and uses the same panel supplier as Huawei MatePad Pro. The screen ratio is 16:10, which is the best golden ratio for Android tablets. Using fully laminated display design, the frame is only about 4.5mm. Furthermore it has FHD resolution, 280ppi pixel density, and the brightness peak is as high as 600 nits. Built-in 4 matrix surround stereo speakers are a nice boon too for the audio immersion.

HiPad Pro is loaded with Google’s latest Android 11 OS and it is the first tablet computer in China that has passed Google’s official Widevine L1 digital rights management certification. DRM digital copyright security level highest L1 level means the full  software and hardware support for Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, Hulu and other authentic full-HD streaming media. Making the tablet even more interesting for multimedia consumption.

The most cost-effective Qualcomm tablet in the world

The new tablet uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 octa-core processor with Adreno 610 GPU . Or dual-card all-Netcom 4G LTE network support. HiPad Pro is also equipped with 8GB LDDR4X RAM and 128GB UFS2.1 high-speed storage. And its theoretical read and write speeds can peak at 800MB/S. The battery capacity is  increased to 7000mAh and on top of that we get Qualcomm QC3.0 fast charging. The tablet is also very  light and thin. With body only  6.9mm thick, The stylish chassis also uses  Morandi color system. And we can add to the mix also support for wireless Bluetooth keyboard. Or H6/H7 calligraphy and painting stylus for a full 2-in-1 tablet experience.

Qualcomm is still the mobile SOC technology leader and their chipsets are tried and tested. The market price of HiPad Pro’s equivalent Qualcomm tablet from other brand would usually attack $300-$400. But HiPad Pro with a global debut price of $199 will definitely try to benthe most cost-effective Qualcomm tablet in the world in 2021.

First global launch promo with bonus gifts

HiPad Pro has the highest screen share ratio in the world and should be the most cost effective tablet on Qualcomm platform.  It will go on sale on AliExpress from August 3rd to August 5th 2021. With an initial price of US $199.99. The free wireless Bluetooth keyboards will be given to the top 300 orders at the launch event too. For more information you can always visit the CHUWI official store.

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1 Comment

  1. Marius Cirsta
    July 30, 2021

    It's nice that it's a Snapdragon chip and all that but … Snapdragon 662, neah , I'll pass.
    I'd rather get the Unisoc ones, there will be some new 6nm Unisoc with A76 cores and 5g which is rather cool stuff.
    Even the existing Unisos high end chips perform much better.
    One advantage I suppose is the software that might be better optimized and the L1 Widevine but I don't really care about those.