Unisoc will surpass Huawei and become third largest chipmaker


Huawei is facing serious problems when it comes to its chipset business. The fact is that in addition to the crisis in the semiconductor industry, the company lost access to the cutting-edge chips provided by TSMC. For that reason, the Kirin 9000 stocks are very short after using it on the Mate 40 series and now in the Huawei P50 series. The company will now try to rely on other partners like MediaTek and even Qualcomm. The latter will provide the Snapdragon 888 4G for the global units of the Huawei P50 Pro. While Huawei fails to find an alternative for keeping its HiSilicon segment, it is losing market share and, apparently, Unisoc will benefit from this.

According to a report from DigiTimes, this scenario of losses for Huawei in the chip market will become even more expressive. The reason? Unisoc is seeing expressive growth in recent months. According to the newspaper, the Chinese chipset maker could surpass Huawei’s Sillicon’s market share, and this will happen later this year.

Unisoc will take the third position in the mobile chipset market

The report states that Unisoc, with the growing demand, will sell over 68.2 Million chips for this year. This will give it the title of third-largest processor supplier in the world. It currently belongs to Huawei, but with the Chinese firm’s business bleeding in this category, it will lose this place very soon. The other positions belong to MediaTek and Qualcomm in first and second place, respectively. The Taiwanese firm also saw expressive growth in the recent months due to the good chipsets introduced with the Dimensity series.

Unisoc is starting to appear more in the mid-range segment. Nokia ditched Qualcomm in favor of Unisoc chips for its recently released entry-level devices. Other firms are starting to be on the Unisoc T610 for the entry-level segment. However, this is not the company’s biggest bet for achieving more market series. A couple of months ago, Unisoc unveiled its 5G Tanggula series of chips. These chips will revolutionize the Unisoc business in the upcoming months.


Of course, with other companies betting on 5G, Unisoc will keep a good focus in the 4G scene. But still, the Tanggula series will make it relevant once that 5G becomes a reality in the whole world. Unisoc uses the TSMC fabrication process and should expand the orders with the Taiwanese firm in the coming months. The company will reportedly grow 10% during the second half of 2021, especially with more companies such as Realme, Honor, Lenovo, and another searching for its chipsets.

Who could ever imagine that Unisoc would achieve such importance in the days of Speadtrum? That’s the great part about the tech world, it’s full of surprises.

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