Blackview launches flagship TWS earbuds AirBuds 5 Pro with hybrid ANC

AirBuds 5 Pro

Blackview has recently launched its latest flagship true wireless earphones, called AirBuds 5 Pro. When several aspects including noise cancellation capability, audio quality, call quality and ergonomic design are factored in, Blackview’s AirBuds 5 Pro are probably the best-in-class wireless headphone you can buy now. This product delivers nearly all the features you want and even goes beyond expectations.

35 dB In-depth Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation

The biggest highlight of Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro is the hybrid ANC (active noise cancellation) technology. Many products now boast ANC, but not all of them are created equal. In fact, ANC can be implemented in three different ways: feedforward, feedback, and hybrid. The feedforward microphone and the feedback microphone detect external sound and listen inside your ears for unwanted sound respectively, and based on which, they eliminate noise with anti-noise.

As you can guess, the hybrid ANC takes the best of both ways, combining feedforward and feedback microphones to deliver the most immersive listening experience. Simply put, this is the best-in-class noise cancellation technology you can find in a pair of true wireless earbuds. 

Triple Microphone Noise Reduction for Super Clear Calls

Call quality is also a factor to judge whether a pair of earphones is good or not, especially for someone who often makes calls or voice chats for online gaming.  

Thanks to the triple microphone noise reduction technology and air ducts designed specifically for preventing noises of wind, AirBuds 5 Pro are able to capture your voice clearly even in a crowded environment, such as the bus or a noisy restaurant.

AirBuds 5 Pro’s microphones capture the sound of the external environment and the sound of our speaking, and then through the algorithm to eliminate the overlap. Finally, the target voice in the main direction is protected from being interfered by various noises in the ambient environment.

Lossless Audio and Super Punchy Bass

As for the sound quality, in order to avoid the loss of audio quality from noise reduction techniques, AirBuds 5 Pro are equipped with the audio quality compensation algorithm, which makes it possible to keep original sound details. 

And in order to elevate your listening experience to the fullest, AirBuds 5 Pro’s 7mm speaker driver comes with the composite diaphragm, which consists of graphene and PU. This composite material is ultra-thin, but strong and flexible enough, helping in delivering super punchy bass and fine details.

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Long-lasting Battery

Although featuring ANC—a power-hungry technology, AirBuds 5 Pro deliver 20 hours of playtime and 25 hours of standby time together with the charging case when ANC is turned on.

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If you turn ANC off, the play time is 24 hours and the standby time is greatly extended to 130 hours. And even 5-minute charging for the charging case eventually delivers nearly 3hours of listening experience.

It is also worth mentioning that AirBuds 5 Pro’s charging case supports wireless charging, so you can charge it simply by putting it on a charging mat.

Effortless Operation 

As with most true wireless earbuds, operation on AirBuds 5 Pro is effortless. You are allowed to play music, skip songs, answer or end calls, turn on or turn off ANC simply by tapping.

Moreover, smart wear detection simplifies your operations to the fullest. AirBuds 5 Pro automatically stop when you take them out of your ears, and seamlessly resume when you put them back. Thanks to the IR proximity sensor and the gravity sensor, AirBuds 5 Pro deliver a magical listening experience.

Bluetooth 5.0 and IPX7 Water Resistance

AirBuds 5 Pro connect to host devices via Bluetooth 5.0. What really sets it apart is its single ear use function, meaning that  you are allowed to connect each earbud to separate devices, enjoying two different worlds simultaneously.

Additionally, designed for IPX7 water resistance, AirBuds 5 Pro are suitable for workouts and other sweat-generating experiences.

Compact Body and Innovative Design

Despite so many powerful features above, Blackview has tried to keep the size of the charging case as small as possible, suitable in your pocket or your palm. Furthermore, the stem of each earbud that protrudes from your ears is very short, meaning that you’re less likely to catch your earbuds on hair or earrings. 

Both the charging case and earbuds come in white and are scratch-proof to some extent thanks to their unique materials. And instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, Blackview offers 5 sizes of soft tips for a range of listeners. No matter who wears this pair of earphones, there is always an exceptional seal for noise cancellation. 

Price and Availability

Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro are available at an astonishingly low price of $49.49 (original price $89.99) from August 2nd to August 15th PT. Check out more information about it on the official website.

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