Old Android Devices (Android 2.3.7 And Lower) Won’t Be Able To Sign In Soon

Android 12 Beta 2.1

Recently, Google uncovered the 12th generation of its Android mobile operating system. The first models with it onboard will appear quite soon. Also, old models will be getting their portions of updates in the near future as well. However, 12 generations also means a long way and numerous products on it that run this system. Thus, the company ought to provide support for them, of course, not all of them, but most. This is also one of the reasons why users choose this or that system. But last week, Google issued a statement, saying that starting from September 27 this year, all those Android devices that use Android 2.3.7 or earlier will no longer be able to log in to Google accounts. This includes Gmail, YouTube, or Google Maps. Once users log in to the Google account, they will receive a notification informing that the username or password is incorrect. However, users can still use the browsers on these devices to log in and access the above services.

Google also introduced cases that can lead to this error. They will occur, if you:

  • Perform a factory reset of your device and try to sign in.
  • Change your password either on the device or on a different device, which then signs you out everywhere else. When you try to sign in again, you will receive the error message.
  • Remove your account from your device and re-add it.
  • Create an account on the device.

As Google explains, this is done to protect the safety of users. That’s why Google has decided to terminate support for logging in to Google accounts in Android 2.3.7 and earlier versions.

Android 2.3.7

How To Check

Old Android device users can check the Android version installed on the device through the phone’s setting function by going to System>Advanced>System Update. If the device can still upgrade the operating system, then just upgrade to Android 3.0 and above. This will make it possible to continue to use Google account to log in to Google-related programs.

If the device can no longer be upgraded, the users can only access and log in to Google services through the browser on the device. But they can no longer use the program to access and log in.

Though old Android device users should be disappointed with the decision Google made, what do you think how many users are there that own devices with Android 2.3.7 or lower?

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