A good number of Android users still use third-party custom ROMs

Many people choose Android smartphones because the operating system is much more open relative to iOS devices. On Android devices, users can install custom ROMs. Some may wonder why there is a need for installing customer ROMs. Different users install custom ROMs for different reasons. Custom ROMs may offer more features than the default ROM. Also, old devices that don’t get updates anymore may prefer custom ROMs to the default ROM. According to a recent poll by Androidauthority, a good chunk of Android users don’t use the default ROM. The result shows that only 21.80% of Android users have never used a custom ROM.

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Looking at the overall situation, more than 70% of Android users have used third-party ROMs, 26% have never used them, and 35% currently using them. This result is strictly from the survey of Androidauthority but a very popular one. There were about 28,000 participants from the website, Twitter and YouTube. All three platforms did not have similar results. The results above are those from Androidauthority’s website which had just over 7000 voters.

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On Twitter, the number of participants is just a little below 5000. The result shows that about 62% of users have tested custom ROM at some point. Out of this number, 17% are still using third-party systems while 45% are done with these systems. This means that the remaining 38% have not had anything to do with third-party systems.

On YouTube, the result is also different from the website and Twitter. The YouTube poll with over 16,000 voters shows that 56% of users have tested custom ROMs at some point. While 14% are still using third-party systems, 40% no longer use them.

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Custom ROMs are losing popularity

However, from this survey, many people have used third-party systems before. Although there is no detailed reason, everyone has flashed because the official ROM may not be easy to use, and there are many restrictions. The second is that the third-party ROM is streamlined and perhaps smooth.

In the past few years, there have been fewer Android users who flash custom ROMs. Many Chinese Android skins such as Xiaomi’s MIUI, Huawei’s EMUI, Oppo’s ColorOS, or Vivo’s OrginOS are much more powerful and easy to use. Of course, the most important thing is that the flashing ROM is basically blocked by the authorities, otherwise, it will be fun.

Generally, due to significant improvements in software and new security features, users no longer see the need to meddle with third-party systems. However, a good number of Android users still use custom ROMs. The survey shows that in every five participants, only one still uses custom ROMs.

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  1. Sailosh Acharya
    August 9, 2021

    I still use custom rom from early days🙂🙂

  2. Dylan Bacon
    August 9, 2021

    I switched from a Verizon Galaxy S10 to a Google Unlocked Pixel 4XL. Since having the pixel 4xl, I've tested probably 15 roms by now. Honestly it's super addicting to do… Until you have to restore everything that got wiped. But you know what that means, right? Even after my Pixel 4XL is unsupported by Google, I'll still have a plethora of roms to draw new features and security updates from. It's a win win. Plus… You can get one for $200 used on Back Market.

  3. Alex
    August 9, 2021

    LoL I literally flash different ROMs like 20 times a month. I am a ROM tester so makes sense but I agree with you, it's super addicting because there's so many! I'm starting my journey as a ROM Developer and I know it's gonna be great too. Android community is one of the friendliest community ever