Apple officially releases iOS 15 beta 6

iOS 15

Apple released the sixth beta version of iOS and iPadOS 15 today, one week after the last beta version. Judging from the current situation, Apple has accelerated the testing of iOS 15. After all, the official version will officially arrive next month. Last month, Apple released the official version of iOS 14.7, while iOS 15 is also being tested. The official version will be launched in September this year. However, Apple is still developing iOS 14.8.

Apple iOS 15

iOS 15 makes FaceTime video calls more natural, launches the SharePlay sharing experience, manages notifications in a new way to help users stay focused while getting information through photos and searches more intelligently. iOS 15 also improves Siri, mail, and other aspects of the system. Furthermore, it comes with new privacy control options to further protect user information.

In June of this year, Apple released the new iOS 15, in which the Safari web browser ushered in major changes, and the address bar and tabs were moved to the bottom of the screen. Many iPhone users did not accept this new design. In subsequent beta versions, Apple has repeatedly adjusted the new design of Safari. In the iOS 15 beta 6 released today, Apple added an option in the settings. After opening it, you can set the address bar to the top and return the design to iOS 14. Of course, if you like the address bar at the bottom, you can also choose to leave it there.

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Apple’s new scanning feature to cause controversy

The iOS 15 will bring a new feature that allows a local algorithm to detect indecent photos of children on the device. This includes child abuse and other abusive content. The intention of this feature is to provide more protection for children. However, this has caused everyone to worry about privacy issues. After all, the user’s album photos will be uploaded to the cloud and viewed by the back-end personnel, triggering a round of heated discussions.

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Apple once explained that they will not scan the owner’s entire photo library to find child abuse pictures, but will use cryptography to compare the pictures with the known database provided by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in the United States. However, some people still express concerns over this feature.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, defended the company’s planned child safety feature in an interview with The Wall Street Journal yesterday. He claims that the detection algorithm will be totally local, ie on the phone alone. For example, if the user needs to match about 30 CSAM content in his photo library, Apple will be alerted. When the user reaches this threshold, Apple will know the user’s account and the situation of these pictures.

It should be noted that Apple will not know the specific information of the pictures in the user’s album during the whole process, but the local algorithm will tell Apple that there may be related content in this phone after the comparison is passed. This feature will only be available in the U.S. Furthermore, it will become active when users turn on iCloud photos.

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