MIUI’s internal testing team apologizes for kicking testers out of the program

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A few days ago, Xiaomi Community 3.0 was launched. In addition to a new UI and an independent development team page, some users unexpectedly discovered that the internal testing mechanism of MIUI has quietly changed. Simply put, users must complete weekly tasks within the specified time, including submitting suggestions, feedback, etc. If they fail to complete them in time, they will be disqualified from testing.

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The first closed beta user withdrawal took place at 0:00 this Monday. Some Mi fans were suddenly notified and “kicked out of the closed beta group”, including some senior Mi fans. Considering the large number of MIUI users that were affected, the issue quickly escalated and caused widespread anger.

Yesterday, a Xiaomi executive (user operation manager) took to Weibo to apologize. According to him, the company is getting everyone’s feedback from the various channels. According to him, the core issue has been conveyed to the Xiaomi community and the MIUI team. They are currently discussing and “I believe they will give a reasonable answer…I’m very sorry for the trouble”.

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Origin of the issue

A few days ago, users started noticing that they are no longer part of the MIUI internal testing program. It didn’t just end there, these users are no longer eligible to participate in the internal testing. The main reason for their expulsion is because they did not complete their task within a time frame. The message says that they did not complete the internal test assessment last week and were therefore disqualified from the project. Nevertheless, many users believe that they did all the tests. Some users also claim that they do not know the specific reason(s) why they were kicked out.

Why are Mi Fans are very angry?

According to Mi Fans, Xiaomi did a change in rule without informing members and this was annoying especially for some very old players. Suddenly expelling a beta tester that has been part of your team for several years is not cool. Hopefully, with the outcry, Xiaomi will incorporate these users back into the program.

MIUI 12 has been a mess

MIUI has been one of the selling points of Xiaomi. However, since the launch of MIUI 12, it has not been a bed of roses for Xiaomi. The system comes with a plethora of issues many of which are no longer threats. However, it appears that as it solves one, another appears. Xiaomi had to subsequently release the MIUI 12.5 system which tackles most of the issues. However, many users still believe that the MIUI 12.5 did not live up to expectations.

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