Liectroux i5 Pro vacuum available for just $307 starting tomorrow

Liectroux i5 Pro

Vacuum cleaners from the Liectroux brand are gaining a notoriety and for a very good reason. The brand is producing very well equipped products for reasonable prices, so that’s always a customer favourite combo. After quite some of their robotic models, we will take a look at a handheld one from their wares for a change. And the new Liectroux i5 Pro has quite some interesting perks and benefits to offer for sure. While getting a massive discount too, because starting tomorrow you can get it on Aliexpress for just $307.

Liectroux i5 Pro is a modern cordless vacuum cleaner, but this time coming with some extra features. For starters it can offer two water tanks. The big 750ml one is used for the mopping duties of the cleaner, but the 450ml first water one serves as a key component for the self-cleaning function. No need to worry about the secondary pollution and manual cleaning of the brushes. The powerful filtration system is of course also in place, but another massive perk comes with the UV sterilization lamp just next to the brushes. Using the 254nm UV light it will kill all the germs and bacterias on the floor with ease.

Liectroux i5 Pro

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The vacuum cleaner is equipped with powerful 2500rpm brushless motor, capable of 5 kPa suction force. And it is a very silent one too as a bonus. New “water curtain” technology with double hole design will jet the water to mop the floor too, but not too much to spoil the wooden floors. Big battery pack should be enough to provide about 30 minutes of continuous cleaning, enough to get even a big house spotless. And on the top of the handle you can all the important info like battery or water tank levels on the intelligent display screen.

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Fantastic discount inbound

Liectroux i5 Pro is a universal vacuum cleaner for all types of floors, capable of fully taking care of both vacuuming and mopping. In the packaged-in accessories you will also find the special hard rolling brush for long hair carpets of the nifty charging dock. And as we mentioned in the start, starting tomorrow you can get it for a fantastic price. From August 23rd to August 27th you can grab it on the official store for just $307, with using all the available in-house discount coupons. There are also plenty of warehouses to choose from to your liking. So make sure not to miss this opportunity for this fantastic vacuum cleaner.

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