Windows 11 has an updated clock application with support for focus sessions

Windows 11

Last week, updated Mail & Calendar, Screenshots, and Calculator apps became available to members of the Windows Insider program. Microsoft continues to update the standard operating system tools and in the new build of Windows 11 for Insiders there is a Clock application with support for the Focus Session function, which will help you concentrate on performing any tasks.

Windows 11 clock app

As expected, the developers have made the appearance of the Clock application more modern and in line with the general style of Windows 11. Along with this, the Focus Session function has appeared, which includes a number of productivity tools. Focus Timer will help you set up focusing sessions, using which you can give yourself a limited period of time to complete any task.

The developers note that the function will allow you to be less distracted by other things. Therefore, Focus Session has implemented integration with the popular music service Spotify. The user can log in with their Spotify credentials and select music according to their own preferences.

Focus Session also has integration with the Microsoft To Do service, which allows you to create to-do lists and monitor their implementation. The user can select any task from his list and start performing it during the focusing session, and after the session ends, mark the task as completed. Thanks to the integration with To Do, users can manage to-do lists without the need to launch additional applications.

The updated Clock app is ready to help you build healthy digital habits. For example, you can set yourself a daily goal and try not to break it for a long time in order to form a certain habit.

This is not the end of Microsoft’s work on updating standard applications in Windows 11. Earlier this week, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer Panos Panay announced the imminent release of an updated Paint application; with improved design and support for dark mode.

Windows 11

Windows 11

So far, testing Windows 11 has gone without any major problems; and insiders have not had to face serious difficulties in the process of interacting with the operating system. This is because Window 11 is pretty much Windows 10 with a refreshed interface and minor internal improvements. However, this will soon change – test builds of the OS will become significantly less stable.

Microsoft warned about this in an email that members of the Windows Insider program began to receive. The letter said that new builds of Windows 11 on the Dev channel will be different from those that Microsoft plans to release to the masses later this year. These are “early builds” that are expected to be much less stable. It is assumed that future builds of Windows 11 will look more like a full-fledged new software platform; rather than a redesigned Windows 10.

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