Apple App Store will permit payments via third-party channels

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For many years, Apple’s iOS system has been known for its security, but this security is at the expense of diversity. Its entire system is very closed, and Apple firmly controls the App and payment permissions. Apple is so stringent that any third-party installation or payment in the App Store can not bypass Apple. At the same time, Apple’s app payment rake is very high, even the highest in the world. This is the main reason why many platform payments or membership are more expensive. However, this situation is about to change.

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According to reports, the company recently announced that it will make a number of adjustments to the App Store to settle a US developer class-action lawsuit. The settlement agreement shows that Apple will allow developers to use email and other communication methods to inform users of alternative payment options other than Apple. This means that Apple will allow the App Store to receive payments through third-party channels.

This is a very significant change, and it is good news for both developers and users. Previously, the App Store charged 15% to 30% of transaction commissions. These high commissions to Apple mean that the price of the product will also increase. However, if Apple eventually allows third-party payments, the commissions will be lower and so will be the product. This is the general expectation but it may not be entirely a straightforward process.

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In addition, as part of the settlement agreement, Apple will also establish a $100 million “fund” for developers. Each developer can receive compensations ranging from $250 to $30,000.

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Dealing with payment fraud and fraudulent ratings and reviews

Financial and transaction information is the most sensitive category of data that users share online. Apple has invested a lot of resources in building more secure payment technologies, such as Apple Pay and StoreKit. More than 900,000 apps in the App Store are using these technologies to sell goods and services. For example, credit card information in Apple Pay will never get to the merchants. This eliminates the risk factors in the payment transaction process.

According to reports, Apple App Store ratings and reviews can help many users decide which apps to download. It also helps developers launch new features in response to user feedback. Apple uses an advanced system that combines machine learning, artificial intelligence, and expert manual review to monitor these ratings and reviews to ensure their accuracy and user trust. Since 2020, Apple has processed more than 1 billion ratings and 100 million comments. Out of these ratings, Apple had to expunge more than 250 million ratings and comments due to non-compliance with supervision regulations. Apple recently put into use a new tool to verify the authenticity of ratings and comment accounts, analyze these text comments to check for signs of fraud, and ensure that all content of disabled accounts is removed.

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