Installing Windows 11 on unsupported computers will strip the OS of updates

Windows 11

Microsoft previously confirmed that it would allow the new Windows 11 operating system to be installed on older and officially unsupported devices. It indicated that in this case the systems would be used in an “unsupported state”; but did not elaborate on what exactly that meant. PCWorld portal managed to get a comment from Microsoft, to clarify this issue.

Windows 11 installation

The company has confirmed the previously announced statements. Windows 10 PC owners will be able to install Windows 11 using the dedicated Windows Media Creation Tool application or through the operating system ISO file. The software giant also clarifies what hardware will be in need to install Windows 11. The new OS will require a 64-bit processor, 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of permanent memory, a motherboard with support for BIOS UEFI Secure Boot and TPM 2.0. If the user’s PC does not support the TPM version 2.0 cryptographic protection protocol and works with an older version, for example, 1.2, then it will officially be considered “unsupported”.

In this case, the installation of Windows 11 will be possible; but the operating system will not receive new updates through Windows Update. In other words, these PCs will not receive the latest Windows security updates and new drivers.

The company added that unsupported PCs running Windows 11 and not receiving updates may experience compatibility issues and even be unusable. In addition, such systems may have problems with warranty service.

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Windows 11

Microsoft releases a new version of PC Health Check application to check PC compatibility with Windows 11

Microsoft continues to prepare for the official launch of Windows 11. As part of this activity, the developers have released a new version of the PC Health Check tool; which allows you to check your computer for compatibility with the new operating system. A revised version of the app is now available to Windows Insiders.

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According to Microsoft, the new version of the tools has enhanced system verification requirements for compliance with the requirements of Windows 11 computers. Users will be able to obtain more detailed information along with links to the appropriate support pages; as well as information on how to resolve the incompatibility.

For example, if you need to activate the Secure Boot function on your computer; then PC Health Check will notify you and explain in detail how you can do this. If during the verification process an unsupported processor is found; the application will inform you about this and provide a link to the list of supported chips.

The updated version of PC Health Check is currently available to Insider members. Microsoft expects to receive feedback before the app goes public. It is expected that a stable version of the utility will be released in the next few weeks. It is also known that PC Health Check versions for 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows 10, Windows 10 on Arm and Windows 10 S will be available.

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