Blackview A100 – the affordable phone for photoshoots

Blackview A100

To win in the rat race of the smartphone market, many manufacturers have racked their brains  to produce phones, that are not only practical but also look good. When it comes to this respect, the recently introduced Xiaomi Mix 4 with ceramic back cover certainly deserves attention. And of course, Oppo is one that surely should not be ignored. Remember the glittery back cover of Oppo Reno 5 Pro? Oppo called that first ever technique the Reno Glow Design. Similar efforts have also been seen with another recently-introduced phone Blackview A100, which  also comes with a shiny back cover.

Glittery Back Cover

As per an engineer from Blackview R&D team, the A100 carries a back cover made of Polycarbonate. Making the phone to be fire-retardant and impact-proof. To bring up the back cover technique a notch, Blackview A100 adopts Vacuum Metalizing technology, rendering the back cover glossy and sparkling under sunlight like metal. It also allows wireless signal to pass through it with ease. More importantly, the A100 back cover is engraved with refined texture, making itself look like a brilliant galaxy under the exposure to daylight.

Stunning Camera

But the biggest draw of the A100 is its born-for-photoshoots camera. The phone flaunts the cutting-edge Dual Pixel Autofocus (DPAF), an upgraded camera technology that helps cameras be focused more quickly and accurately. Usually it is hard for a camera to focus while taking pictures of an  object in motion, but A100 camera handles the job pretty well. It allows you to keep the camera focused and capture every split second even in front of a fast-moving object, without sacrificing photo quality.

Apart from that, the smart device also sports an 8MP wide angle camera. Which helps you fit more content into your single shot. Moreover, the device offers a 12MP rear camera with the Sony IMX362 sensor. Featuring larger 1.4µm pixels, that boost light intake for enhanced low-light performance.

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Blackview A100

Another highlight of the A100 camera is the VCM (Voice Coil Motor) system. Thanks to its closed-loop VCM system, it expedites the speed of recalculation and correction of autofocus. The phone then guarantees faster focusing speed as quick as 0.03 seconds, producing photo topping those taken with earlier Blackview devices. What is more surprising is the fact, that A100 can produce 10 shots in a second in burst shots with true-to-life vibrancy. When you are skateboarding, skydiving or dancing, the device aids you to make compelling pictures and spice your photo-shooting game.

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Blackview A100

Furthermore, the camera benefits from HDR (High-Dynamic Range), that can maintain the contrast details between different lights. To present best-in-class and crystal-clear portraits. More importantly, A100 camera is paired with Stand-Out mode, meaning only the subject the camera focuses on will remain in colour. While the rest stay in black and white.

Blackview A100

Blackview A100

Other specifications

Beyond that, Blackview A100 has much more to offer. Next benefit is the 6.67″ FHD+ expansive screen sporting 1080*2400 high resolution. And bringing more stunning and immersive screen time for its users. Under the hood, the phone integrates 128G ROM with MediaTek Helio P70 chipset, that delivers fluid and enhanced performance. Offering good performance and low energy consumption. Aiming at uninterrupted long usage, the device comes with a 4680 mAh large capacity battery. Which should allow for 6 to 7 hours of entertainment time, 19 hours of calling or even 480 hours of standby. Additionally, A100 offers a distinctive Doke OS 2.0 system based on Android 11.0.  Alongside Blackview’s self-developed apps, including Cold Room, System Manager or Game Mode, that block unwanted calls or popups.

Price and Availability 

With a back cover similar to that of Oppo Reno 5 Pro, Blackview A100 is much more budget-friendly. If you fancy a phone like that ,while not wanting to empty your bank account, Blackview A100 is surely your best bet with a hefty discount. It is now available at the price of 179.99$ on Blackview Official website. More features are waiting for you to explore there. After all, the best way to learn about a smartphone is to get one yourself and start an exploration yourself.

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