Top picks from DHgate Anniversary Sale revealed


DHgate’s 17th-anniversary sale has hit a new peak since its launch on August 24th. Customers are partying up and feasting on a smorgasbord of shopping items in home necessities, fashion, and smart and entertainment categories. To help customers shop with even less effort and choose from tons of selected items with massive discounts and special offers, DHgate has revealed the top items worth buying during the pre-sale and the official sale to date. While sales for masks are surging on account of the latest mask mandates at many public places in the U.S., jeans and polo shirts, stress-relieving toys, electronics accessories, and Halloween supplies are also a hit with a massive number of orders placed.

Masks & Halloween supplies topping the most popular items to date

Throughout the anniversary sale so far, medical supplies including masks are popular purchase items on DHgate. According to this leading e-commerce platform, 200 thousand masks, including  this KN95 Dust-proof mask offering free shipping and collecting excellent reviews, were sold during the first two days of the anniversary. With sales volume over 10 times that of last month and the number of masks sold constantly climbing. As the pandemic continues, the reinforcement of the mask mandate at public places such as restaurants, gym centers, and bars in many states, means that masks will remain the a trending product for quite some time. 

Meanwhile, in a more festive mood, a large number of customers are already set to stock up on supplies for Halloween, which is just around the corner. There is a wide variety of Halloween supplies in stock on the DHgate platform,. This includes the Halloween pillow cover full of cheerful Halloween elements, which is available for sale at a fair price of $3.66 per item, with free shipping offered in most countries, and this Halloween bucket, which provides a handy bag for children to collect candy.

Last chance to shop for fashionwear, biggest discounts up to 87% off

The hottest days of summer have passed and numerous stores on DHgate have started their promotions for a large stock of summer wear. With the biggest discounts across the year for on summer clothes, including T-shirts, shorts, and polo shirts. These great discounts include this sport polo shirt selling at 87% off. Attractive, gorgeous, and dashing, few customers can resist the temptation to pick up apolo. These polos are great choice for all age groups, both for the purpose of wearing or reselling.

Matching well with a polo shirt, or virtually anything, jeans have been popular ever since they were invented, representing a culture of passion, casualty, and youth. This pair of trendy jeans pants with 23% off has received highly positive reviews and this new arrival, women’s yoga pants, are on sale at 50% off for a limited time., Both of these items are ideal for those exploring a good deal during the end of the summer sale.

Smart devices and accessories, new favorites for Generation Z customers


While outfits stand out the most for a first impression, digital devices also play a key role in establishing one’s image. Compared with previous generations, Generation Z pursues a more modern and stylish lifestyle, represented in their way of dressing, and engagement in the digital world. They keep smart devices within arms reach, spending many hours on smartphones, accessing information, networking, learning, and networking, and even choosing cyber celebrity as a profession,by earning a living in the digital world.

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With a greater acceptance of shopping online, Generation Z is purchasing everything from clothes to shoes to digital devices, and much more on shopping platforms like DHgate. To this generation, smart electronics such as phones are not just for making calls but also for networking with others and even making a living through vlogging over the internet, and becoming a cyber celebrity. This helps explain why they have such high demand for electronic devices.

During the anniversary sale, there is a variety of essential smart entertainment items including cellphones, smart wearables, headphones, game consoles, batteries and chargers, TV boxes, drives and storage for customers to choose from. And DHgate’s local warehouses also provide a wide selection from participating sellers. One of the advantages of buying from DHgate’s local warehouses is enjoying the convenience of super lightning-fast delivery fastest in three days and better deals on high-quality products. Currently, during the anniversary sale, phone accessories such as USB car chargers are offering a great deal. 

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Now is the last chance to shop during DHgate’s anniversary sale. Check the 25 items worth buying among customers with diverse needs. For more choices on what to buy, please check the anniversary sale.

Top 25 Items Worth Buying

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