An innovative ROUND Android smartphone – The Cyrcle Phone 2.0

cyrcle phone 2.0

The smartphone industry is consistently developing and there is always room for new innovations. Some features do not get the recognition they deserve until many years later when the market finally realizes their importance. In fact, some smartphone designs are not appreciated as of the time they initially hit the market. Over the past few decades, we have had a few square and millions of rectangular smartphones. However, how about a circle (round) smartphone? Back in January 2020, we had a report showing that the Cyrcle Phone 2.0 will hit the market in 2021. After years of development and hard work, we now have a smartphone with a design that breaks the norm and celebrates individuality.

cyrcle phone 2.0

If you want something different and unique, then the Cyrcle phone 2.0 is probably for you. In terms of connectivity, this device comes with everything our regular smartphone has. Of course, there is no 5G network, but you have 4G LTE to play around with.

An innovative circular display

At first glance, especially from the rear, you will think that this smartphone is a regular pancake (waterproof makeup) casing for ladies. However, it is very far from it. The general expectation is that the body of this smartphone will be circular but the screen will be square or rectangular. Well, this is not the case. The display of the Cyrcle Phone 2.0 is as round as the body of the device. This is quite impressive considering that the company will need serious optimizations to fit the Android system to a round display. The Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE comes with Android 10 and it is designed to have a perfect fitting to our hands.

This beautiful round screen can display movies websites and apps with clarity and precision. The appearance of images and videos on this round display is unique. It doesn’t take away the viewing pleasure of the user. Interestingly, it doesn’t also cut off meaningful content from the screen. This is possible as a result of the optimizations on the system.

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Dual headphone jack

In the smartphone industry today, headphone jacks are considered an unnecessary space consumer. However, millions of smartphone users around the globe still appreciate this feature. The Cyrcle Phone 2.0 does not come with one but two headphone jack. This is happening at a time where many smartphones are expunging the headphone jack. Users can share their favorite music and videos with the dual headphone jacks.

cyrcle phone 2.0

Durable design materials

The Cyrcle Phone 2.0 uses a compostable, corn-based PLA build material. Furthermore, the buttons are made from recycled TPU. This means that the manufacturer had environmental protection in mind when producing this device. Cyrcle said, “…We only have one planet, and as a proud Social Purpose Corporation of Washington State, we are determined to make everyday devices more sustainable and earth-friendly”.

Application workability on a round display

The optimizations of the system allow users to resize any application as they want. The Freeform mode not only allows users to resize applications, it also allows them to move apps seamlessly and even enlarge these apps to fit the screen. This is mostly useful for smartphones and videos.

cyrcle phone 2.0

What you get

If you are ready for the unique Cyrcle Phone 2.0, then you can participate in the campaign to get one. Click HERE to participate. Here are what you will get

  • The Cyrcle Phone 4G LTE with Android 10
  • SIM card to be activated (for USA-based backers)
  • USB Type-C cable

The development of the Cyrcle Phone dates back to September 2015. The first Cyrcle Phone comes with a round body but has a square screen. This device hit the road in September 2016 and was a 2G smartphone. From that time until now, the company has made significant improvements to the design and workability of this round smartphone. It is now ready for the market.

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