Huawei talks about its plans and advances for 6G

6G technology

Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, is clearly a leader in the 5G industry. Although the commercialization of 5G has only just begun, there are already talks about 6G. According to Huawei’s rotating chairman, 6G will be commercial in 2030. Regarding the 6G network, Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei, also responded to the questions of the company’s employees at the company’s Academia Sinica Innovation Pioneer Symposium. He talked about the significance of researching the future 6G network.

Huawei 6G

According to Ren Zhengfei, from a practical business point of view, Huawei wants to focus on 5G + AI on industry applications. The company will also want to focus on 5G applications. This network will be useful in ports, airports, inverters, data center energy, coal mine, and many other areas. However, Huawei can not focus on 5G without researching 6G. The question now is why is Huawei desperately researching 6G?

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According to Ren, Huawei has to be first. The company has an interest in core science and endless frontiers. Each generation of wireless communication comes with new capabilities. 4G comes with faster data capacity while 5G comes with data capacity for the IoT era. Will 6G display new capabilities and have unlimited imagination?

6G will focus on detection and perception

According to Huawei, radio waves have two functions: one is communication, and the other is detection. As of now, companies have been using only communication capabilities. However, they have not been using the detection and perception capabilities. This may be a new direction in the future.

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The future growth of 6G may not only be large-bandwidth communications, it may also have detection and perception capabilities, and integration of communication perception. This is a larger scenario than communications, a new network capability that can better support expansion.

Therefore, Huawei’s study of 6G is to take precautions and seize the patent position. Huawei says that it will not wait until 6G is really useful at which point, it will be restricted because it has no patents.

Ren Zhengfei added “we used to emphasize standards because we are behind the times. People already have a large amount of stock on the Internet. If we don’t integrate into the standards, we can’t connect with others. But when we pierce through the sky and lead the world, we should not be constrained by this, dare to go our own way, dare to create de facto standards, and let others connect with us. Just like the IP of Chambers back then, it’s out of the crowd”.

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