Apple explains why it opposes the USB Type-C unification

Apple is in no hurry to install USB Type-C in the iPhone, relying on Lightning. But it looks like the company will still have to say goodbye to it. It can do this not of its own free will, but on compulsion. And the European Commission intends to persuade Apple and other manufacturers to this, which yesterday presented amendments to one of the regulations , which will introduce the concept of a unified connector, which electronics manufacturers will be obliged to install in their devices.

Apple has repeatedly spoken out in a negative way on the issue of introducing a unified charging port standard. It has not changed its mind now. It stubbornly resists the USB Type-C movement and considers it harmful. True, its arguments look somewhat strange.

So, after yesterday’s announcement by the European Commission about the readiness of amendments to the legislative act, Apple said that it worries about the persistence of officials. It is confident that strict regulation and binding to one type of port will hinder innovation, rather than facilitate its implementation. Apple has warned that this could affect consumers in Europe and around the world.

Apple criticized EU’s desire to make USB Type-C a unified standard for charging

The Cupertino-based company believes that the actions of the European Commission will not only restrain technological progress, but will also lead to an increase in e-waste. Naturally, at the expense of Apple devices and accessories. At the same time, the company did not consider it necessary to clarify how USB Type-C can interfere with progress and innovation. Especially since it is more versatile, faster and more efficient than Lightning.

“Having one common charging standard would be a victory for common sense in the eyes of consumers;” Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight said.

“Although Apple has made a strong argument for keeping its Lightning connector; given the one billion active iPhone users, some of its products including Mac and iPad now support USB-C”.

“Hopefully it will eventually become a non-issue if Apple keeps adding USB-C to more devices.”

“We gave industry plenty of time to come up with their own solutions; now time is ripe for legislative action for a common charger. This is an important win for our consumers and environment and in line with our green and digital ambitions;” Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager said.

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  1. Cool guy
    September 24, 2021

    Apple is a ' her ' now? ( I just think it's weird to throw sex into a tech company as if it's a entity)

  2. philip hiu
    September 25, 2021

    Apple's defense is not valid because the Ipads and the macbook ARE using a USB C

  3. George Ghadanian
    September 25, 2021

    Erasing apple from my life, except for apple tv subscription. I've had an iPhone since day one, but fighting so hard to keep lighting makes me livid. Its obsolete, fragile, and inferior. I have a Samsung now for a week and im very happy.

  4. Dragos Lucian
    September 25, 2021

    Apple cares about the environment as much as I care about Uranus. Their defense is utter ridiculous and embarrassing.

  5. Doctor Cheese
    September 25, 2021

    Who cares? Don’t buy Apple, if you find their accessories silly. In this case the free market will sort things out. Stop over regulating so when there is something to regulate (emissions etc) people will listen. The idea that public officials are paid by our tax dollars to even think about this is infuriating. It’s cheaper for all to just buy a cable. Or not. Your choice!

  6. James P
    September 25, 2021

    The solution seems simple. Just stop distributing Apple products to the EU. Consumers that want it will still get through international companies. Governments have no business regulating how technology is designed or created.

  7. Mike
    September 25, 2021

    Sort of like like how the US Govt put restrictions on Haweuii and DJI ?

  8. Lord Megatron
    September 25, 2021

    It’s just a small cable. It’s not that serious. How would apple moving from or staying with this cable change your life in any way? The cable barely takes up any space.

  9. James P
    September 25, 2021

    Sure. They shouldn't be regulated for personal use, but they could be against professional use by their employees.

  10. Darian S
    September 25, 2021

    I think most people here are missing the point of a unified standard. Apple has been holding onto this port since 2012, it's time for a change. Most of the devices I own use USB-C, I can charge my speaker, dualsense controller, portable battery, Google home, my Samsung phone, all with 1 cable. Apples excuse of more e waste has a simple solution, have a program where apple will recycle your old cables, accessories, etc. for new USB-C accessories. It's really a simple swap if you think about it, or just recycle the raw materials. For a company that claims to want to save the environment they sure make a lot of excuses when it comes to recycling old products, especially when the produce millions of new phones every year, instead of prolonging the life of older ones. That's neither here nor there though.
    Apple is making excuse after excuse in order to hold on to it's proprietary connecter, and it's despicable.
    USB-C all the things!

  11. Ryan Hoffman
    September 25, 2021

    It's not space that's the issue here. It's waste. I know your not thinking about the actual issue but all these competing standards cause mountains of plastic pollution. USB-c has already been proven to be the superior standard objectively, the continued whinging by Apple is nothing more than a tantrum.

  12. Gabe
    September 25, 2021

    I ditch my iphone when apple CEO handed the company to china! I destroyed all my apple products.

  13. Denahli913
    September 25, 2021

    People are taking it personally. Apple never said that we should go to their standard… They literally said that if you go one standard; it will stifle innovation. They are correct. They aren’t fighting to keep Lightning; they are fighting to be able to create a new and improved port in the future…. If you mandate that everyone has to use USB-C; why would anyone create a better method later? Apple is clearly moving to wireless charging and I vaguely recall seeing something about them have a patent for wirelessly charging through the air… People pitched a fit when Apple stopped putting a headphone jack in the phone and now very few phones have a headphone jack because of wireless headphones….

  14. Bart Simpson
    September 25, 2021

    Gabe, you is dumb.

  15. Bart Simpson
    September 25, 2021


  16. Cool guy
    September 25, 2021

    Apple will loose alot of money also, they charge crazy royalty fees on every proprietary item they make.

  17. Michael Jozwik
    September 25, 2021

    No doubt the true motivator for Apple's insistency on proprietary connectors is that Apple holds the patent on the lightning connector and gets a cut of all accessories that use it.

  18. Alder
    September 25, 2021

    Government will regulate as much as they can or as much as people consent to being regulated. If it was up to government regulation they probably would’ve settled on a three prong plug 20 years ago

  19. Jason
    September 25, 2021

    Guys there is a reason Apple doesn't want to switch ports on the iPhone. They like to limit functionality to their phones. They don't want these things becoming computers. Usb c is a more flexible and functional port. That would start a new demand on Apple enabling more computer functionality to iphones. Like Samsung with dex. They want to absolutely make sure that future does not happen. Their business model wants you to buy a phone, an iPad, a Mac, a watch, homepod, etc. They don't EVER want you to be able to rely on one device. Which is exactly why they don't include phone functionality with their ipads. It's why the iPad pro doesn't run many professional apps.

    Also I've always had problems with my lightning port charging after about 1.5 years ownership. They'll make you think it's your fault. They want you to upgrade constantly because of the low quality port. I invite you to research a concept called planned obsolescence.

  20. Sun Set
    September 25, 2021

    Apple can't even come up with a proper defense. Had the lightning cable been more efficient or in some way better than the USB-C I would have said ok maybe these regulations might be stopping Innovation. But it's not.. so using that is a terrible excuse. You can only use that line if the product you have is better than something that already exists.

    Apple basically won't get rid of the cables not because it saves the environment or because they think it's bad for innovation and not even security reasons, but because they want to continue to rip people off and make money. Smh.

    Not an apple user but I hope they come out and properly defend themselves if there's a different reason we are unaware of that will explain why they won't make the switch.

  21. Sun Set
    September 25, 2021
  22. Sun Set
    September 25, 2021
  23. Bobbi Digital
    September 25, 2021

    Stop it. That was a lot of words to be so wrong and so off base. Because they don't want them to become computers? What? There's a hundred other reasons why they don't want to embrace USB-C and the reason you have isn't even on the top 50 list. Nobody gives about Dex. Nobody uses Dex. Nobody is demanding Dex.

    Apple doesn't include phone functionality on the iPad because that's what the iPhones for. Are you seeing any Samsung tablets with phone functionality? No. Any tablets at all with phone functionality? No.

    You invite us all to research planned obsolescence? Aren't you kind. Thank you so much for enlightening us and inviting us to learn about a concept that if you don't already k ow of it and fully understand it you shouldn't be here commenting.

    Just by chance, you mind if I ask where you're from?

  24. Saigubucha
    September 25, 2021

    Cheery good article! It is not as if there aren't power management ICs to handle when power/data ports get wet, get those multiple ports and hdmi on the phones where we can share and reuse optics, haptics, inertial sensing, shoulder buttons and back displays. VR facials s.b. everywhere.

  25. Cool guy
    September 25, 2021

    Well apple does want to keep their phones very simple. Opposed to android

  26. S. P. Spatafore
    September 25, 2021

    Yea, sort of like that. Except that the US did it because of a trade war with China, and not simple fascism like the EU is doing.

  27. S. P. Spatafore
    September 25, 2021

    Right, and if the western governments were as fascist 20 years ago as they are today, there'd be no such thing as an iPhone.

  28. S. P. Spatafore
    September 25, 2021


  29. Brian R. Cunningham
    September 25, 2021

    I love the decision to make the USB C the universal connector. Whenever I need a new cord, I have to sift through countless others. Also, I'm retired IT, and loathe anything by Apple. If they do the same in the USA, I'll be overjoyed!

  30. Eric Dunsmore
    September 25, 2021

    I agree with other people, the solution is simple. Just stop distributing Apple products to the EU. And excluding the taxes associated with cell phone registration in the EU Countries that mandate the USB-C. Consumers can then buy the products over the internet and register them in a country that doesn’t require a common connector. That way it will get through to the Governments that they support unpopular business regulation and how technology is related to lawmakers As their telecommunications taxes fall.

  31. Steve Wyatt
    September 26, 2021

    Apple is mad that they won't be able to charge $35 for a proprietary Lightning cable.

  32. Frank Snyder
    September 26, 2021

    Apple sits and says this will stop innovation, yet their still pushing and fighting for an older, Les reliable, less powerful standard that only they use.

    Off that bat that left a bad taste in my mouth. I think apple just wants to be seperate so much they they themselves are trying to stop innovation and progress.

    They're just holding on to something that makes them special, and trying to fool everyone and be the good guy by saying if we adopt one charging/connecting standard it will be bad…

    I don't see how that would be bad…for me as a consumer it'd be great, one cord for all my devices? Please sign me up!

  33. Barry Pressley
    September 26, 2021

    What? Samsung phones definitely can do multi functions with Samsung tablets what are you talking about?

  34. Lynn Stout
    September 26, 2021

    If anyone has any sense they would know that Apple don't want this so they can make more money for themselves since they have to rely on other companies to even be able to build the iPhone to begin with they would lose money and Apple doesn't understand true innovation just like people really think Apple is better then Samsung 😒

  35. Bradley Larcher
    September 26, 2021

    Money, money, money. No other reason.

  36. Lori Parker
    September 26, 2021

    Apple knows USB-C is better and more adaptive than lightning cord that's why iPad pro & macbook currently use USB-C. So even all their products don't have 1 type of charger. It's just Apple has always wanted to be as exclusive as it can be! The only reason they allowed iTunes to be downloaded onto windows based computers is because Microsoft was going to try to compete by creating the Zune, didn't turn into a competition because iPod was first & iTunes was made available on cheaper window based computers.

  37. EddySam
    September 26, 2021

    Actually I am surprised why the European Commission took a long of time to put this in question.
    Since Apple 🍎 made the announce that they will not include a charger 🔌 (Power Adapter) in the box when you buy a new phone device with the excuse to save the world 🌎 and make less trash 🗑 they did the opposite of that. I watched a lot of YouTube videos also in person with my friends and coworkers; when they bought the new iPhone 12 their face of frustration when they noticed that they need to make an extra purchase to charge their new iPhone 12. Technically Apple 🍎 force those people to make more trash 🗑 spend more gasoline in transportation etc. Apple if want to make those changes should decrease their prices instead of launch three versions of the same phone. LiAR camera how many people here in this website did use this feature? I think no one also many of the people here did know that their pro max iPhone has this kind of camera. Lol

  38. Steve Plays Overwatch
    September 26, 2021

    Here’s the deal: government can only stifle innovation. Apple doesn’t have to come up with an argument or an excuse or anything else. Everything Apple has ever done since the beginning of time contained their own proprietary connectors and everything else. If I were Apple ID simply state then that my products aren’t directly for sale in that region going forward. Bye. Government creates nothing but chaos, death, and misery. The quicker people realize this the better off humanity would be. If you don’t like what Apple does then don’t buy their products. But don’t Lobby an organized crime syndicate or back up one that’s trying to make them change what they do. It’s illogical, immoral, wrong and will have unintended consequences.

  39. Yasir Khalid
    September 26, 2021

    Welcome to the club! I made the switch 2 years ago and I couldn't be happier despite lingering problems between a couple of apps (whatsapp, games) that did not have a native migration feature. Apple has lagged behind others in innovation generation after generation… kept on jacking up prices… with the most aggressive planned obsolescence. Apple is also the single biggest offender of e-waste globally and they do not have a single valid justification for keeping the dated lightning connector…. just greed

  40. Cheezy
    September 26, 2021

    Want about the next standard? Lighting was created because micro USB was a joke fragile and very limited in what it could do. The EU wanted micro USB to be the standard back then. It would have bin very frustrating to have that standard today… apple said our chargers are compatible with all of today's standards and they are right . Who cares about the cables some people go though 20 of them in a life of a device… USBC is a joke because its not a standard its a mess if you get 2 different USB c cables from different brands different vendors they all have different standards on what they can power what voltage what apps and what speeds they transfer data… first standardise what a cable should be. I have had melted USB cables because of incorrect use . To much amps … never had that problem with a Lighting cable . I only own a ipad no other apple products. I always have 2 cables with me an 2 chargers not because I have to but out of convenience charge 2 devices at once. I do not see the cable to be a problem the chargers are universal like all manufacturers…

  41. Kelly
    September 26, 2021

    Apple the best phone✍️

  42. ThatzOkay
    September 26, 2021

    With the new iPhone 13 and pro movie and photo which take up a lot of space. Transferring over lightning is just painfully slow with it being only USB 2.0

  43. Bob
    September 26, 2021

    Terrible argument, Apple. It's the only port you put on the MacBook Pro, therefore by your own standards it is the only port we need.

  44. Vlad Radu Anghel
    September 26, 2021

    If you seriously think anybody except a handful of nutjobs (and a handful of professionals that need a Mac) would go through the trouble of importing an Apple product if it were not available for sale in the territory, you're deluded. Then again, you're either an American who thinks the world stops at the US or a Brit that thinks your country is still somehow an empire.

    Apple would just be losing Billions per year… Not that I'd be sad about it, mind you.

  45. Vlad Radu Anghel
    September 26, 2021

    When left to their own devices, people voted for Trump. And for Brexit. As much as I dislike over-regulation, and as much as I don't really trust governments to always do what's best (greed, corruption are a thing, unfortunately), right now I'm fine with them miceomanaging things for a while. Until we get less dumb. Then, if they're overstepping their bounds, we can do something about it.

  46. GameFan
    September 26, 2021

    When i read that apple said it could increase the amount of E-waste I laughed so hard.
    They're ones to talk.

    And the "inovation" argument. If they were for inovation, doesn't it make sense to upgrade to a better connector, that's standard for any device other than theirs, that is reversible, can deliver power of up to 100W(250W with the new iteration) and that they have on pretty much on all their devices excluding Iphones. C'mon apple, I know the money is more important for you than human rights and freedom of your consumers, but c'mon.

  47. Kkemvorw
    September 26, 2021

    You all seem to be able to read but not between the lines.,. So first let me say I don't own a single apple product I'm a windows and Android guy. This isn't "fan boy defense"

    Ok so here it is… They aren't defending the lightening connector or saying it's equal or better to USB-C you all are misunderstanding them.

    Do you know what apple is designing and ready to release now or 5 years from now? Because that is what the fight is about…

    If they are forced to use USB-C then there is no reason to spend money developing the next model connector because you HAVE to use USB-C there is no "USB-C or something better" rule it's just "USB-C or die" so they are correct it will stifle innovation if it is forced because no one is going to improve the technology if someone else will tell them they are not allowed to use it when complete…

    So say apple develops USB-D which is 3x faster and half the size of USB-C as well as a socket that is more easily waterproofed… They will not be able to use it… Now you may say "if it's better it will be approved" but why would they develop it for millions of millions of dollars if possible it can't be used? That is what this is about.

  48. Darian S
    September 26, 2021

    If you were to buy a universal remote, and it only worked on a Sony tv, for example, then you haven't bought a universal remote, you bought a Sony remote that can control multiple models if Sony TVs. Universal means it supports more devices than it doesn't. USB-C only has issues if you don't know how to read, because almost every product will tell you what the cable is rated for. Not to mention part of the standard would be to have a wide range standard, one that can provide sufficient power delivery, as well as faster data transfer speeds, and video output.

    Also, comparing micro USB to USB-C is laughable, that cable was trash, which is why it was replaced by C. Now lightning is in the same shoes as micro. It's slow, it's fragile, and it's incompatible with the majority of products on the market. It just doesn't make sense to keep it around when there's a perfectly viable replacement that's already widely used.

  49. Aiden Zhao
    September 26, 2021

    Thinking super long term, this is a bad idea, we might limit our innovation in the USB type of technology, and stop exploring other type of technology, and even if a better alternative is found, it might not be possible to implement it, and who is going to spent the money and time to fight government on this regulation in the future?

  50. Tony
    September 26, 2021

    Apple is the greediest company in the history of the world! Everyone should boycott there way overpriced products, let them eat them, in a year everything they make will be half price!

  51. Doctor Cheese
    September 28, 2021

    Don't use Apple! I'm not missing any point, for the record. I get it. It's a pain in the rear end. I only recently went back to Apple because my wife has some odd loyalty. I hate lots of stuff about Apple, but nobody made me purchase it. Of course Apple is hiding behind innovation. It's not entirely incorrect, it's just mostly a ruse. Do you own thinking and deciding. Decide not to buy Apple and they will change.
    Also, Trump and Brexit? Really. So you know better? I couldn't care less whether or not GB is part of the EU, and I didn't (nor never would) vote for Trump, but the woke liberals in this country implementing cancel culture can thank themselves for that idiot. It doesn't mean someone who "knows better" gets to decide for all of us. There are lots of "dumb" people in the world. There always have been, but when the left only offers a liberal form of authoritarianism you end up with Trump, who then of course attempts to implement the right's version of authoritarianism. Both sides are frustrating, in my opinion, but I still feel as if government should have a limited role when it comes to things like what cable my phone should use.

  52. Andrew
    October 2, 2021

    Really some government idiot knows better than business, if you don't want apple products don't buy them. Apple is not the most valuable company in the world because it does not know what it is doing. No one forces you to buy their products. Technology always is developing and changing. If the government had it way we would still be using landlines.