Latest Microsoft Teams Update Will Allow Users to Pin and Hide Their Video

MS Teams

Microsoft is bringing a couple of upgrades to its Microsoft Teams platform to allow users to customize their video feeds to suit their needs during meetings or calls.

According to two new entries within the company’s product roadmap, the collaborative program will soon let users pin their video feeds during calls and hide them as well.

Why Is This New Microsoft Teams Feature Noteworthy?

Microsoft Teams

These new options, according to the Redmond-based company will cater to users with different preferences, with users allowed to hide their video feed to reduce distractions and pin their feed to position themselves better with other employees or users, given that they wish to do so.

The official listing mentions that “Currently, the user’s video is displayed at the bottom right corner of the meeting screen. This feature allows users to hide their own video during a meeting. This will help reduce distractions during the call while still having your video available for other participants”

This comes after a global pandemic when users have taken to such alternatives to go about their daily lives, be it in the context of work or private life.

Gizchina News of the week

Key players of this video conferencing service, such as Zoom and Google Meet already offer a method to pin and hide the user’s feed, which is actually quite useful.

Now, even Microsoft is offering this rather basic feature, which in reality allows users to relax and focus, given their choice of what to do with their feed.

What Else is Microsoft Working On?

Surface Duo 2

In other Microsoft news, it has now confirmed that it plans to update the Surface Duo 2 with three years of updates. As per a report, the same was promised when the first Surface Duo was announced. Even so, the first generation smartphone still runs Android 10 from 2019. Microsoft promised to bring Android 11 for the device before the end of this year.

This shows how the company is having trouble keeping its only smartphone running the latest version of Android. The device is eligible for Android 12, but how long an update with it will take? Microsoft has been working hard to refine and enhance the software of the Duo since its release.

The device was the experiment and is reaching a stable point right now, so the company may find the balance in the coming months. The Surface Duo 2 will already come with Android 11. As a result, an update for Android 12 is more than natural. Hopefully, the device will get it faster than its predecessor.

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