iPhone 14 Max will come next year to replace the 14 mini

iPhone 14 Max

With the iPhone 12 series, Apple decided to launch a new mini variant for those that have been missing the compact size from the iPhone 5s days. However, the device didn’t sell well. Apparently, Apple users have changed their needs in recent years and are well established with displays bigger than 6-inches. In fact, the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max was one of the best-selling 2020 iPhones. Data from the analysts at CIRP earlier this year showed that Apple’s largest and most expensive iPhone basically outsold its smallest and cheaper iPhone.

In light of the iPhone 12 mini tepid sales, the company was rumored to ditch this variant in the 13 series. However, that didn’t happen and the iPhone 13 mini is here. Now, rumors point out the discontinuation of the iPhone mini in the next year. As per fresh reports, Apple will ditch the mini variant and replace it with a Max variant. So, the regular iPhone 14 variant will get a larger version that will likely carry iPhone 14 Max moniker. This variant will be sold at a lower price, and it will likely sell very well. Some Pro camera features will be missing, however, users will certainly enjoy the larger display, and probably the bigger battery.

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iPhone 14 Max

The entire iPhone 14 lineup will have 120 Hz displays

The tentatively named iPhone 14 Max probably will come with the same 6.7-inch panel as the Pro Max variant. However, it will come with the same internals as the upcoming iPhone 14. The two pairs of smartphones will also share the 120 Hz LTPO OLED panels. This year, Apple brought this technology to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. However, in the next year, this will be a thing for the entire iPhone lineup. This should make the regular Max variant even more attractive.

Worth noting that this can represent the end of the iPhone mini variants. However, this does not mean the end of the sub-6-inch iPhones. If it still is selling, then Apple will likely serve this niche of users. We believe that a new iPhone SE smartphone is a good way to bring it back. Users will quickly associate the SE series with the compact size. Hopefully, the company will be able to deliver a slightly large screen with smaller bezels. Of course, it won’t bring the same specifications as a regular mini variant would bring. But at a lower price point, it could sell better.

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