Google dumps Snapdragon – Qualcomm throws a jab at Google’s Tensor SoC


Google is set to unveil its latest Pixel series, the Google Pixel 6 series. One aspect of this series that we are all looking forward to is its new processor. The Pixel 6 series will come with Google’s own chip for the first time. The name of this chip is Tensor SoC. This means that Google will not use Qualcomm’s solution as it did with other series. If Qualcomm’s latest message is anything to go by, the company is not happy that Google is gone. Qualcomm took to its Twitter handle and posted the message “We decided to make our own smartphone SoC instead of using Snapdragon”. Following this write-up are twenty-one (21) red flags.


Although Qualcomm did not mention Google, the company is clearly referring to the American search giant. This is the only company that is about to release a smartphone with its “own smartphone SoC” and dumping Snapdragon.

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Qualcomm warning?

What does the red flag in Qualcomm’s message denote? Danger? Generally, a red flag is literally a warning of some sort of danger. The red flag is more “like the signal flag used by a sinking ship or a figurative warning”. Is there something that Qualcomm knows that we don’t? Is Qualcomm trying to pass a warning regarding the Google Tensor chip?. These are questions that do not have direct answers for now.

Before the Google Pixel 6 series, all previous Pixel models use Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. The previous flagships before Pixel 5 were all equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series flagship processors. Perhaps due to the price increase of Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 series chips, Google Pixel 5 did not use the Snapdragon 8 series but used Qualcomm’s mid-range SoC, Snapdragon 765G. Now, the maiden Google Tensor chip will launch with a Pixel smartphone for the first time. This chip uses Samsung’s manufacturing process. It is worth noting that although Google Pixel 6 series abandoned Snapdragon chips, Google’s mid-range models still use Qualcomm chips, so the two will continue to cooperate.

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According to Google, the Pixel 6 series will be far ahead of any smartphone that the company has released in the past. The latest Geekbench listing shows that this device will come with a Mali G78 GPU.  The listing also reveals that the Google Pixel 6 scores 1027 on the single-core test. However, in the multi-core testing, this smartphone scores 2706. While the single-core score appears to exceed Snapdragon 888 SoC, the multi-core score falls short of the SD888 SoC.

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