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Since the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple no longer includes a charger in the box. The recently released iPhone 13 series does not also come with a charger in the box. According to media reports, students from Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Donghua University teamed up to take Apple to court because Apple’s new products no longer offer adapters. According to the lawsuit, the students want Apple to include the charger in the box. They also want Apple to bear the responsibility for breach of contract and pay for the adapters.

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The case commenced in September this year. In the court, both the plaintiff and the defendant conducted a cross-examination of evidence. At present, the case is still in the stage of supplementary evidence and written materials. The plaintiff claims that Apple seriously violates the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The students believe that most consumers and even Apple employees are equally puzzled and resentful about this. However, most people are silent about this.

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Does Apple really care about the environment?

According to Apple, it has high regard for the environment and it does not include the chargers in the box for environmental protection. Nevertheless, many users do not think Apple is entirely honest about this. If Apple really cares about the environment, why does it still produce the chargers? If these chargers really make the environment unsafe, the company shouldn’t produce them at all. There is a popular opinion that Apple does not include the charger in the box so they can sell them separately and make more money. Of course, Apple will not agree with this idea.

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In addition, the iPhone 12 box comes with a Lightning to USB Type-C charging cable, which is not compatible with the 5W charging heads which it offers in the past. Thus, unless you upgrade from the iPhone 11 Pro, you will spend extra money to buy a charger or Lightning to USB-A cable.

This case is in China and there is no telling how this case will proceed. However, if these students win the case, it may force Apple to start including the chargers in the box. Just like the chargers, back in October last year, Apple announced that it will no longer ship its iPhones EarPods. According to the company, expunging these accessories from the box will help reduce carbon emissions and avoid the mining and use of rare earth elements. The company further claims that many users are now comfortable with wireless headsets such as AirPods.

However, the iPhone 13 series still ship with earphones in China. In France also where there is a special law, the iPhone 13 comes with earphones in the box.

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