When is the best time to buy the iPhone 13? – Price to drop soon

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The iPhone 13 series is one of the most talked-about smartphones in the market presently. In many regions, potential buyers are still queuing to purchase this device. Due to chip shortages, Apple will most likely cut the production of the iPhone 13 series. Nevertheless, the price of the iPhone 13 series is still very expensive for many intending users. Thus, a $50 price drop will be worth a few weeks or months waiting for many. The iPhone 13 (256GB version) is like a base version for many users who consider the iPhone 13 mini to be below par. Unfortunately, this device costs $1,085 and many users will like to know if and when the iPhone 13 price will drop. A recent study by iPrice Group reveals when the iPhone 13 price will drop

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iPhone 13 (256GB) will likely drop in 6 months

According to iPrice Group, studying the historical selling prices of previous models, the iPhone 13 (256GB) price will plummet by 7% by March 2022. This means that users will be able to get this device for $1012. This $73 price drop is a significant amount for potential buyers with a tight budget. iPrice Group came to this conclusion considering the price history of the iPhone X, XS, 11, and 12 series throughout the years. After 12 months, all of these devices had a price drop. While the iPhone 12 price dropped by 12%, the iPhone X, iPhone 11, and iPhone XS prices dropped by 10%, 7%, and 4% respectively.

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In addition, the company also predicts that by this time next year this device will be on the shelf for $995. This means that it will be selling for $90 lower than its original price. Taking a look at the price drops, waiting for six months will give you a $73 discount. However, waiting for a year will get you $90. It is logical to wait for six months and get a $73 price cut. If you are lucky, you may stumble on a coupon that will further reduce the price. To wait for a year will not be worth it, not only because the price cut is relatively low, but because the iPhone 14 will be available at the time.

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iPhone 13 improvements

Somehow, Apple is able to keep smartphone buyers interested in its devices. The company has been able to convince certain markets that it makes “durable” products. Apple incorporates “little” improvements in its smartphones yearly but it appears these improvements are just enough for buyers. As for the iPhone 13 series, it only upgrades in the battery, camera, and screen performance. Interestingly, most of these “upgrades” are features that have been on Android devices for years (120Hz refresh rate and so on).

If you have plans to purchase the iPhone 13 series, this report may help you to make a decision on whether to wait or not.

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