Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum discounted on Amazon

Viomi V3 Max

Cleaning your house is rarely a coveted hobby or an enjoyable task, so we gladly leave it to the advanced technology helpers. And with the rise of powerful robotic vacuum cleaners you can really completely rely on their skills to keep your floors in shape. Xiaomi ecosystem has quite some offers from this category and today we have for you one of the best ones available. Viomi V3 Max is an universal robotic cleaner, that will take great care of your house in style. And you can even get it much cheaper in the current Amazon promo sale.

Viomi V3 Max is a full 3-in-1 robotic cleaner, capable of all Sweep, Mop & Vacuum tasks. It is equipped with a 2-in-1 dust and water tank (400ml dustbin + 200ml water tank), so you can do sweeping and mopping at the same time. For bigger houses there is also an optional 700ml pure mopping super sized tank. Deep cleaning algorithm exclusive to Viomi will also make sure the mopping will be almost as good as the manual one. And with 360° LDS laser scanning, Map 2.0 mapping system and new AI core with SLAM algorithm it’s really completely independent and capable of finding its own way. Including 2cm obstacle climbing capacity.

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The vacuuming experience will also be a pretty quiet one. Despite powerful 2700Pa suction the noise levels are kept only at 57dB in quiet mode. For comparison, that’s below the noise level of a whisper conversation. Handling is quite convenient too, you can empty the dustbin with a single click. And it’s fully washable alongside the water tank. Its big 5200 mAh battery should be good for cleaning 3000 square feet area in one session. And you fully control it via the MiHome app, alternatively with voice controls through Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa platforms.

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Powerful yet affordable

Such powerful robotic cleaner is definitely among the top models out there. But the price is kept at surprisingly customer friendly level. Especially in the current Amazon promo sale. You can get Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum right now for only $297.99 on Amazon with discount coupon BNZY8OJR (13% off) and on-site coupon (50% off). The promo period is valid from October 25th till October 31st. So make sure you won’t miss such tempting offer. You can of course find more information about it on the official website.

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