Samsung prepares Exynos 1280 5nm chip for affordable smartphones


It’s no secret that Samsung has started a collaboration with AMD and everything to make Exynos chips real monsters, primarily in terms of gaming performance. How successful this alliance will be and bring its positive results can be judged by the Exynos 2200, which will form the basis of the flagships of the Galaxy S22 series.

But the manufacturer does not work on this processor alone, there will be other chipsets in its lineup. So, a message came that the Exynos 1280 is in preparation for the release, which will form the basis of the company’s inexpensive solutions. The well-known and authoritative network insider Ice Universe told about the release of this processor today. And his predictions always come true, he has repeatedly proven his awareness of the devices not yet presented.

According to him, Exynos 1280 will be a 5-nanometer process technology chip and its characteristics will be “oddly enough” below the Exynos 1080. The new platform should find its application in “entry-level models”. We will not exclude the possibility that we will see this processor in the products of third-party companies. For example, Vivo, which has already produced smartphones with Samsung chips.

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Samsung confirms Exynos mobile chip with AMD graphics will get ray tracing support

Samsung has officially confirmed through its Weibo page that its upcoming Exynos mobile SoC, powered by AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture, will support ray tracing technology.

Also, the company did not go into details about the new chip. According to the latest rumors, a new mobile SoC called Exynos 2200 will receive six AMD RDNA 2 GPUs; which will use 384 stream processors, as well as six ray tracing accelerators.

The Exynos 2200, codenamed Pamir will have eight physical computing cores. One high-performance, three slightly less powerful, and four energy-efficient. The RDNA 2 graphics as part of the processor with the Voyager codename.

Earlier; in the well-known benchmark Geekbench 5, information appeared about the flagship Samsung mobile platform of the new generation; equipped with an AMD graphics processor based on the RDNA 2 architecture.

In addition, the chipset behind the codenamed SM-S906B will be the upcoming mobile Exynos 2200; powered by AMD’s most advanced mobile GPU.

Geekbench data indirectly confirms this assumption, the test data mentions the AMD driver with the Vulkan API, and also mentions the Samsung Voyager EVTA1 – earlier sources reported that the Exynos 2200 will be the fruit of cooperation between Samsung and AMD, and the codename Voyager hides the latest GPU developed.


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