Special features video for the new Ulefone Power Armor 14

With the advancement of technology and people’s increasing demand, the requirements for the integration of mobile phones are getting higher and higher. Especially for rugged phones. So more and more rugged phone manufacturers are upgrading not only in ruggedness and specs, but also in various extra functions. And Ulefone, as one of the rugged phone manufacturers, adds many special features on its rugged phones. Now they brought us a video about these special features operation on its new flagship rugged phone – Power Armor 14. So let’s check it out.

We can see, that Ulefone Power Armor 14 has underwater camera, NFC, headset-free FM radio or custom key on the left side. And it packs outdoor toolbox including many digital gadgets. This video shows us briefly how to use them and what the function of these features are. For starters, with headset-free FM radio you can listen to FM radio station without even plugging headphones in. And the outdoor toolbox has 11 practical gadgets. Including Compass, Gradienter, Flashlight, Hanging painting, Height meter, Magnifier, Alarm bell, Plumb bob, Protractor, Sound Meter and Pedometer

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All these tools in Power Armor 14 are very useful so you can choose the right one according to your demands. As for the custom key, you can set it up just to your liking too. So tap single click/double click/long press can be set to activate recording, flashlight, screenshot, underwater camera, SOS, Zello or any installed apps. Which can be really handy in many situations. Like the underwater setting and much more.

It’s beyond question that these special features can be very helpful. And thanks to Ulefone’s video sharing we have a better idea about them. Power Armor 14 is now in hot sales too and you can find more information about it on the official website

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