Apple AirPods 3 has ZERO repairability – if it gets bad, scrap it

Recently, iFixit completed the disassembly evaluation of Apple’s newly launched third-generation AirPods. According to the popular firm, the Apple AirPods 3 has ZERO repairability. This means that if this product fails, you only have one option, scrap it. The device is not repairable. According to the disassembly, Apple AirPods 3 still uses a “sandwich” architecture, which contains exquisite cables, chips, and batteries.

Apple AirPods 3

Its battery uses a unique “plug” design, without any soldering. This ensures that the battery connects to the circuit, so it has a fairly high repairability. Unfortunately, the repairability of AirPods 3 is limited to this.

When disassembling the Apple AirPods3, you need to be very careful about the cables inside. Excessive force is very likely to break the shell as you open the device, Thus, welding and repairing this AirPod 3 shell (if it breaks) will require a lot of effort.

Apple AirPods 3

Furthermore, Apple AirPods 3 is still encapsulated with adhesives to ensure that the shell is firm and integrated. When disassembling, it is necessary to apply a very large pressure to ensure that the warp piece penetrates into the gap. This is also the biggest issue with the repair of this device. The old glue residue and the severely damaged gaps make it difficult to reassemble it. Even if you are very careful when removing it, you must remove the old glue and replace it with new glue to ensure a good fit.

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AirPods 3 repairability is 0

So unsurprisingly, iFixit gave AirPods 3 a repairability score of 0 points (out of 10 points). According to the information on Apple’s official website, the price of replacing an AirPods 3 earplugs is as high as 549 yuan ($86) including the renewal cost of 479 yuan ($75) for the charging box. This is even higher than the unit price of buying a new set of earphones. Therefore, you should be careful when you use it or buy Care+ services, otherwise, you will spend a lot of money.

The AirPods 3 comes with a high dynamic range amplifier and a microphone. There is an acoustic mesh on the microphone which reduces the sound of the wind. AirPods also features AAC-ELD, a superior speech codec that promises full HD voice quality for clear, natural communication for FaceTime calls. Furthermore, this device comes with an H1 chip, Dolby Atmos and it is IPX4  water-resistant. In terms of battery life, it promises up to six hours of listening time. However, if you use the charging case, you can get up to 30 hours of total listening time. Five minutes of charging provides about an hour of battery life.

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