Baseus 65W GaN Ⅲ power strip redefines the category


Baseus technology, the industry-leading electronics brand has engineered a next gen GaN III power strip with the series name PowerCombo.

The concept of Baseus PowerCombo is to redefine how power strips look and change their role on the desktop. At the first look, its distinctive design makes it stand out compared to the typical picture we have of a power strip with  AC sockets built into a multi-port charger instead of the common way crafting regular power strips or power outlets with USB ports.

It might sound easy to add AC sockets into a wall charger, but technically realizing that requires far more. With the credit of GaN technology (Gallium Nitride), Baseus has given birth to this hybrid power strip sharing the size and design of a charger with 4 ports and 2 AC sockets. More than just a power strip, this lion tail is totally a game changing addition for desktop setup in contrast with regular power strips, whether the format or the color. 

With this concept, it houses 2 USB-C and USB-A ports for up to 4 desktop devices helping you to save a lot of room on your table, yet is portable and easy-to-carry or slide in your luggage for business trips, especially when there is only one outlet in the room. Each USB-C support up to 65W fast charging when only one device is plugged, a fast charging USB-A port for QC devices that support up to 30W and an extra standard USB-A that is practical for low-power gadgets such as wireless earphones, smartwatches, monitor lightbar and all low-power gears.

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Certains might be worrying about safety since this is a charger with AC sockets built right into it, mostly for high-power appliances. Thanks to the Partiated Cooling Design, in a simple language, the charging ports are isolated from the AC outlet. It delivers power and dissipates heat partially yet both can be used at the same time with a decent control of temperature. It generates even less heat than other high power chargers based on lab-test results from Baseus; hats off  to the enterprise and GaN technology.


  • 65W GaN 3 power strip with 4 ports for mobile devices and 2 AC ports
  • 2 PD USB-C ports each supporting 65W alone and 2 USB-A ports, 1 supporting QC fast charging
  • Small yet powerful and space-saving for numerous desktop devices 
  • Compact and easy-to-carry on a business trip
  • Ports and AC outlets are separated for better cooling performance and safe-to-use
  • Futuristic additional gear for desktop setup
  • Built-in protection chip to ensure your safety and device’s

For details and more information you can visit the Amazon sales link directly. And maybe order it right away.

About Baseus: Founded in 2011, an industry-leading brand in consumer electronic field that integrates design, research and development, production, and sales. Baseus products have earned numerous top international awards in industrial design (Reddot, IF, iDEA, Golden Pin, Pentawards), available in more than 180 countries and regions around the world with 30+ online shopping platforms and up to 600 worldwide physical stores, and Baseus GaN series has achieved a 1 million pieces sale in 2021.

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