Facebook announced the postponement of end-to-end encrypted messages until 2023


According to the British “Guardian” report, FaceBook (Meta) security chief, Antigone, Davis wrote a comment stating that the launch of Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s default end-to-end encrypted messages was postponed to 2023…“. As of now, there is no specific date in 2023 for the launch of this feature. The company only says that this feature will arrive “some time” in 2023.

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Antigone Davis claims that the reason for the delay is security concerns. Facebook does not want to make it difficult to track criminals.

We need to find a balance between the privacy and security of people’s information and the provision of data to law enforcement agencies. We discussed some tools that can protect people’s privacy while preventing harm from the very beginning, using behavioral signals, user reports, etc., instead of accessing the content of all messages. There is currently no consensus on the proposed method, but experts encourage more consultations to help strike the right balance.

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Antigone Davis points out that once end-to-end encryption is available by default, Facebook will “use a combination of non-encrypted data in our App, account information, and user reports” to help them stay safe while “assisting public safe job”.

Facebook is losing popularity among teens

Recent research shows that Facebook services have been losing popularity among teenagers for years. The time spent by US teenagers in the Facebook ecosystem decreases by 16% relative to last year. Furthermore, older people spend 5% less time on the social network. Moreover, the number of new adolescents registering online is decreasing. It also became known that until 2000, US residents created an account on the network, being between the ages of 19 and 20. According to modern data, the inclusion of people on the social network Facebook occurs much later, at 24 years old or 25 years old, if at all.

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Facebook has been losing popularity among American teens since at least the beginning of 2016. To create products with a focus on youth, the so-called. Teens Team, engaged in the development of new solutions. However, according to Michael Sayman, who has been on the team since the age of 18; “the whole company was trying to understand the generation that it was not a part of.”

Despite such attempts, statistics show that teenagers use their accounts less actively. The study mentions that the company does not give young people a compelling reason to join their social networks. In a recent study on the use of the social networking site by young people; Facebook ranked first in only one category; “Getting information about local events and communicating with people in the area”. TikTok appears to be gaining more popularity amongst American Teenagers over the past few years.

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