Report Suggests Microsoft Might Not Bring its New Windows 11 Emojis Over to Windows 10

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Redmond-based Microsoft recently unveiled its latest version of Windows, called Windows 11, which brings with it multiple improvements and new elements over the previous generation.

One such difference is the emojis on offer, with Windows 11 receiving very modern and fluent emojis, as well as a new Clippy emoji that sent Microsoft fans into a frenzy.

Microsoft Might Not Bring its New Windows 11 Emojis to Windows 10!

Windows 11 Emoji

Now, it seems that Windows 10 is not going to get these emojis. For those unaware, the emojis started rolling out to Windows 11 as a preview update, so technically they are still under testing for Windows 11, with a December update bringing the same to all users, most likely on December 14.

Windows Latest claims that the emojis, which consist of the chirpy Clippy, the assistant from Word back in the day is not coming to Windows 10, at least if Microsoft’s plans are accurate.

The tech publication claims that Microsoft seemingly has little to no intention of bringing over the modern emoji to Windows 10, and that these new emojis will rather be an exclusive feature for  Windows 11, at least for the current time anyway. Windows Latest further observes that Microsoft could change its mind in the future.

This is not a big issue, since many Windows 10 users might not even care for refreshed emojis, but it is still worth noting that it is quirky to keep the new emojis only on one version of the OS.

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What Else is the Company Working on?

Windows 11

In other Windows 11 news, Microsoft will focus more on improving the performance and responsiveness of its Windows 11 operating system next year, according to online sources.

Members of the Windows development team said this when answering questions from users of the Reddit platform “Ask Me Anything”. During the conversation, one Reddit user mentioned the tendency towards sluggishness in the Windows 11 user interface, which is mainly related to the work of the file manager and the menu that appears when you right-click. In response, the developers announced plans to increase the performance of the operating system in 2022; including a faster rendering of user interface elements.

“Some of the problems are due to the performance of WinUI; but some are also probably not related to what our team is doing; but are still important for Windows in general.

In addition to focusing part of our UX framework on performance in 2022; we also have a dedicated team that was recently formed to tackle this issue in a more holistic manner” the developers said.

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