Oppo’s 150W fast charging technology exposed – coming soon

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In recent years, there have been significant improvements in the charging capacity mostly from Android manufacturers. The likes of Oppo and Xiaomi are at the top of their game in this regard. Oppo’s VOOK flash charging technology has always had excellent charging speed and strong stability. Oppo recently made another breakthrough in the field of fast charging. Today, @DCS claims that Oppo’s 150W fast charging is on the way and will not take long. According to reports, Oppo, OnePlus, and Realme’s smartphones will use the 150W fast-charging capacity.

150W fast charging


Oppo is already conducting trial production of the data cable and charger of the 10A system. This means that Oppo’s 150W fast charging technology has gradually matured. However, although Oppo’s 150W is already on the road, it does not mean that it will available immediately. According to the @DCS revelations, Oppo and OnePlus’ next wave of new phones will continue to use 65W and 80W fast charging.

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At present, the fast charging speed of mobile phones has exceeded the 100W mark. In fact, it is currently at 120W but obviously not all manufacturers have used this fast charging technology. Oppo is now on its way to set a new fast charging record in the smartphone industry. However, there are reports that Xiaomi is already working on a 200W fast charging capacity.

iQOO 5 Pro – the industry’s first 120W charging device

Taking the iQOO 5 Pro as an example, to achieve ultra-high-power fast charging, iQOO uses a charge pump half-voltage scheme. This can make the voltage entering the battery half of the charger voltage, and convert the high-voltage and low-current of the AC power into the low-voltage and high-voltage required by the battery. This configuration significantly increases the overall charging speed.

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Moreover, iQOO has achieved 120W (20V/6A) charging power through the upgrade of the charge pump IC solution. This makes the technology reach the current peak voltage and current defined by the Type-C port. Furthermore, it has an energy conversion efficiency of 97%.

In addition, in the battery solution, iQOO creatively adopted the “double-cell series connection” method, plus two charge pump charging ICs. Both ICs are charged at a rate of 6C, which greatly improves the charging rate. In summary, with the upgrade of the charge pump IC solution and the battery solution, the 150W fast charging technology will once again refresh the charging speed record. It is still uncertain who will launch the 150W fast charging first, we will wait and see.

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