Volvo Cars Servers Were Hacked: A Lot Of R&D Data Stolen

Volvo Cars

Recently, Volvo Cars issued an announcement stating that unknown attackers hacked some Volvo Cars servers. As a result, they stole important R&D information.

Volvo Cars learned that third-party users had illegally accessed one of its file repositories. “Investigations so far confirm that a limited amount of the company’s R&D property has been stolen during the intrusion. Volvo Cars has earlier today concluded, based on information available, that there may be an impact on the company’s operation.” reads the notice of cyber security breach published by Volvo. “After detecting the unauthorized access, the company immediately implemented security countermeasures including steps to prevent further access to its property and notified relevant authorities.”

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Once Volvo’s security department detected unauthorized access, Volvo Cars immediately implemented security countermeasures. They include preventing further access to its database and notifying relevant departments.

Volvo Cars is currently working with third-party experts to conduct an in-depth investigation. The company believes that this incident will not affect the safety or security of its cars or personal data.

After the incident, Snatch, a hacker organization known for stealing data and extorting data, announced that it was responsible for the incident. To prove this, it listed relevant internal source codes of Volvo Cars on its website.

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Volvo Cars officially recognized the hacking. This means that they refuse to contact hacker organizations and are ready to bear the consequences of the theft of R&D information.

Hackers Attacked Other Carmakers’ Servers Besides Volvo Cars

Generally talking, Volvo is not the only carmaker that faced such trouble. Earlier this year, Kaseya VSA became the victim of one of the biggest cyberattacks to date. This company is making software for large companies and technology service providers. A group of hackers known as Revil attacked up to 40,000 computers worldwide and theft a lot of data.

Not in vain, many vehicle makers think that the current trends of the development of computer-driven autonomous cars will open the door for hackers. They mean that hackers might be able to control a person’s car and cause damage. We even do not want to imagine what will happen in this case.

As a reminder, in April this year, some cyber experts showed how it is possible to hack a Tesla vehicle. They even demonstrated how the car opens its locked doors when a drone carrying a Wi-Fi dongle got closer. Tesla said that it was a software patch and they had already fixed it.

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