Xiaomi 12 Vs iPhone 13 – Xiaomi compares screen size and width

A few days ago, Lei Jun officially announced that Xiaomi will release the Xiaomi 12 series flagship on December 28. Over the past few hours, Xiaomi officials and executives have made multiple rounds of warm-ups for the new screens. The company claims that the Xiaomi 12 has DisplayMate A+ certification. In addition, Xiaomi also claims that the Xiaomi 12 display is the first to create 15 new screen records. There have been reports that the display of this series will have dual sizes. The report shows that the standard model will be a small size flagship while the Pro model will have a large size.

Xiaomi 12 Vs iPhone 13

However, there has been no report on the specific display size of this series. A few hours ago, Lei Jun took to his official Weibo handle to announce the size of the Xiaomi 12 display. This smartphone will come with a 6.28 inches display. However, the company has been able to optimize this smartphone to have a better grip. It did this by reducing the width of the smartphone to 69.9mm.

Xiaomi 12 Vs iPhone 13

Lei Jun compares the Xiaomi 12 with the iPhone 13. The iPhone 13 has a 6.1-inch display with a width of 71.5mm. However, the Xiaomi 12 has a 6.28-inch display with a width of 69.9mm. This means that Xiaomi fits in a larger display on a thinner smartphone. Simply put, this smartphone is 1.6mm narrower than the iPhone 13 but the former has a larger display. This shows that a small body does not always mean a small screen and small size flagship does not always mean small screen flagship.

Xiaomi 12 will feel better to hold that iPhone 13

If we then consider the front and rear hyperboloid design of the Xiaomi 12, it will feel better than the iPhone 13. It will be easier to hold the former and the size is also smaller.

However, we can have it all in one device. The Xiaomi 12 small size has its disadvantage in terms of battery restrictions and comprehensive power consumption considerations. To manage this, Xiaomi 12 will not use a 2K screen so that it can get better battery life. The display of the Xiaomi 12 will be a 6.28-inch 1080P screen which is not so different from the 2K resolution.

This is because resolutions above 2K will have a greater impact on battery life, and a more “stable” experience can only be obtained by ensuring battery life. It is worth mentioning that Lei Jun announced a few days ago that Xiaomi’s high-end mobile phones have officially started benchmarking with Apple. Since then, the Xiaomi Vs Apple debate has been a trending topic on Weibo.

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