Epic Games Store is giving Tomb Raider Trilogy for Free

Tomb Raider

People had already expected some more impactful free game to close the Christmas gifts at the Epic Games Store in recent days. However, the day has come and the store has surprised with not just one, but three acclaimed games. We’re talking about the three new Tomb Raider, the Lara Croft reboot trilogy. The three titles are namely Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The games are available for free for anyone with an Epic Games Account. You just need to head to the website and claim each game individually.  The trailer below is for the recently-released trilogy compilation.

It’s important to understand that it’s not a trilogy or a compilation, but each of the three games you’ll be able to activate individually:

Tomb Raider from 2013 was acclaimed as a great reboot for Lara Croft’s journey in consoles. The legendary heroine has been there since the PlayStation 1 but lost relevancy in the past generations. 2013 brought an introduction story and was very good. The rise was launched in 2015 as an intermediary step and with many improvements in graphics and gameplay. Shadow came in 2018 to bring a conclusion to the trilogy. Unlike the other two, Shadow of the Tomb Raider focuses more on puzzles and exploration. The first two games, on the other hand, are truly emotional roller coasters full of action.

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Looking at the full names we can also see that these are not just three amazing games, but their full versions with all their extra content. The surprise is such that Epic’s servers are congested and you may have problems launching games in those first few hours. But don’t worry, they won’t just be available for 24 hours like the others. A similar situation happened last year when the company has given Grand Theft Auto V to its users.

The three games will be available for activation on Epic Games Store until January 6. If you redeem each one until that date, the games will enter your Library, and you be able to download them and install them whenever you wish. Worth noting, that, unlike PlayStation Plus games, these titles do not require a subscription plan or anything like that. Once you claim the games, they will be yours forever.

Epic Games has been giving good titles in the past few years. Everything is part of the company’s race to conquer more and more users to its portfolio of PC games. In fact, it is proving to be a relatively successful strategy. However, it still needs to improve on other aspects to dethrone Steam in the PC segment.

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