Will you sit on a Tesla 4680 battery to drive? Tesla will make you do it

When it comes to battery technology, Tesla is still at the forefront. The Tesla 4680 battery will go into mass production in the first quarter of this year. According to George Bower, a mechanical engineer, patent documents reveal the useability of the 4680 battery. According to the document, the 4680+CTC does have many unconventional operations. For example, the Tesla Model Y 4680 battery pack is hollow – the battery pack acts as the underbody. In fact, the seat of the vehicle is directly on the outer shell of the battery pack. The Tesla 4680 battery pack acts as the “chassis” of the body, reducing body parts, cost, and weight.

Tesla 4680 battery

This approach is different from the vast majority of current electric vehicles that use a load-bearing body design. It is also different from other CTC technologies that stuff cells into the chassis. For example, others plug batteries into the body chassis, while Tesla plugs the “chassis” into the body. Also, the Tesla 4680 battery pack is filled with 4680 cells, but there is no obvious gap around it as a buffer for collisions…

Tesla 4680 battery

Tesla 4680 has a premium design

On the contrary, Tesla has set up a honeycomb-shaped hollow layer at the bottom of the 4680 battery pack. This seems to be to deal with the gas generated when the cell thermally runs out of control, It will also provide a buffer in the event of a collision at the bottom. In addition, the patent also reveals that the battery uses a new welding process and a more comprehensive thermal runaway management design.

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Tesla 4680 battery

Although it is not yet possible to see how much battery life improvement the 4680+CTC technology can bring to the Model Y, it is also unknown how Tesla’s unconventional operations will solve the problems – such as how to ensure body rigidity and crash safety.

But these patents and photos, without exception, show that Tesla is indeed iterating on its own battery design, even in big strides. As the number one player in the electric vehicle industry, as well as the pioneer and leader of smart electric vehicles, Tesla’s iterations and advancements in battery technology are clearly worth watching.

Tesla also displayed photos of the 4680 battery pack and 2170 battery pack. The 4680 cell is the latest technology. Judging from the photos of the Tesla 4680 battery pack, there are many areas worth paying attention to. One is that the 4680 battery pack directly cancels the module. From the images, the 4680 batteries are densely arranged in the vehicle chassis. It also does not use the module design in the previous battery pack.

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