U.S. 5G network speed is disgraceful – South Korea remains the best

5G network

When it comes to technology in the world, there are some nations that are at the forefront. The likes of China, the U.S., Japan, and others are on this list. The U.S. has so much impact with 5G that its ban on Huawei almost completely comatose the Chinese manufacturer’s smartphone business. However, it is quite disgraceful that when it comes to 5G network speed, the U.S. remains last. As more people begin to use 5G technology, global cellular data speed continues to increase. In almost everywhere it exists, 5G technology can provide faster connection speed and lower network latency. Unfortunately, not in the United States. 

5G network speed

A new report from UK-based data crowdsourcing firm, OpenSignal shows that global data connection speeds have increased as 5G technology began to roll out widely in late 2019. Among them, the download speed in South Korea has increased significantly. Before the rollout of 5G, the average internet speed used by South Korean users was 52.4Mbps. However, as of now, the average has increased to 129.7Mbps. Thanks to this, South Korea is listed as the best place in the world for online gaming based on the fastest internet speed. 

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Canada’s 5G network speed is good but the U.S. is poor

In addition, Canadians have also enjoyed a significant increase in Internet speed, with the average speed rising from 42.5Mbps to 64.1Mbps. The Internet speed used by users in the UK increased from 21.7Mbps to 39.7Mbps. It is worth mentioning that the 5G network speed used by Americans ranks last in the above report. The 5G network speed in the U.S. increased from 21.3Mbps to 37Mbps. This is not encouraging and its a real low for American users. 

While the brilliance of 5G will help increase internet speeds around the world, it has yet to fully play its role. OpenSource reminds readers that 5G technology is still in its infancy, and network services are bound to continue to improve over time, just like 4G technology before it.

Nearly all 5G services to date have used earlier versions of the 5G standard. Every few years, 3GPP, the industry standards body for 5G technology, coordinates the creation of a new technology mark that vendors and mobile operators will use to improve the user experience. There are already several versions of 5G technology in various stages of development. Some of these technologies are already ready for widespread commercial deployment.

In terms of 5G coverage, China remains the number one nation. A good part of the Chinese region have access to 5G network. In fact, in the world, China has the highest number of 5G users.

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